Jasmine Pearls reviewed by Jared Sharp

26 September 2012

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Read a customers tea review of Twinings award winning Whole Leaf Silky Pyramid Jasmine Green Tea

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Jared Sharp writes, "This tea was marvelous. Very fragrant, and very floral."

Twinings Jasmine Pearls Whole Leaf Silky Pyramids - Review by Jared Sharp

We've just received a really lovely review from Jared Sharp in California. Jared, are you sure you're not a professional tea taster? Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us. And, yes, we think you're right, this blend really does smell 'pretty'. To show our appreciation, we're sending you a Twinings goodie bag - enjoy!


I'm very anxious to review this tea, and am honoured to have won. Thank you Twinings Tea UK for this free gift!

Leaf Quality:
The tea came in a decorative box with 15 sachets of Jasmine Pearls. When I opened the inner bag containing the tea, I immediately smelled the wonderful floral aroma of Jasmine. The leaves had been individually rolled into minute spheres, with green leaves and silvery buds showing. The leaves were marbled, each one having its own unique pattern. They were as beautiful as they smelled. Underneath the pleasant Jasmine aroma, I could smell a faint hint of the green tea. The Brewed Leaves unfurled inside the sachet and still smelled floral enough for another brewing.

Brewed Tea:
For the first steeping, I brewed the tea in the sachets. The color of the liquor was a light yellow-green. The only detectable smell was that of Jasmine. The first sip brought notes of sweet nectar and orchids. This was a very floral tea indeed! Very delicate.

For the second steeping, I brewed the tea in a Gaiwan. The leaves unfurled more this time. The tea retained all the same floral notes as the first steeping, but was sweeter. It could have easily been brewed for a third time.

This tea was marvelous. Very fragrant, and very floral. I'm really satisfied with the tea I won. I'll have to enter more competitions, and order more of this tea. Again, Thank you Twinings Tea UK!

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