Lissie - An Introduction - Go Your Own Way

06 February 2012

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The latest singing sensation behind our next TV advert airing in early March


‘American folk-rock starlet’ Lissie

The voice on the cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way” sung by ‘American folk-rock starlet’ Lissie - to be released on February 20th, 2012


Lissie is essentially a smalltown Midwesterner, and not shy about embracing it.  Born in Rock Island Illinois, it's hard to do otherwise, but to learn about her story is a real inspiration.

As a blue-eyed, blond haired bombshell, you'd be foolish to think there wasn't much behind it. 


Lissie is a bright, determined and straight talking American beauty.

Video and Fashion Credit: Francesca Prudente: Wonderland Magazine

With a love of all things natural, Lissie confesses that she can't act, and simply can't be anything other than herself, whoever that is and that's why we love her. She makes no bones about the fact that she was a troublesome teenager, and was a little unruly, but that's what makes her who she is.  Furthermore, she doesn't wear make up, not even the obligatory concealor for a photoshoot, as she doesn't want to look any other way; just to look and feel natural.

We believe this is what allows her the confidence to sing and to perform in such an effortlessly beautiful way.

Lissie's voice on the cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way" is truly beautiful; moving and emotional, with a deep richness that leaves you craving more - absolutely astonishing. Take a listen - be the first to hear it. We will be adding to our YouTube channel a whole series of songs from her up coming album , plus we will let you know when the track is available to buy and download from itunes.



Lissie had a childhood very similar to millions of other American teens [actually like a few teens this side of the pond as well.  She was a family girl who skipped school occasionally, and listened to Gansta Rap.

Being inspired by her grandfather, a former international barbershop quartet champion, she sang at the local church, and at the age of 9, starred in an 80-date production of Annie; from there her love of music continued to grow.

She wrote music, taught herself a few guitar chords, and played regularly in the local coffee shop where she worked, dreaming of moving to a big city and playing to huge crowds.

Lissie joined Colorado State University where alongside her academic commitments, she continued to find time to fine-tune her songs, and headlined at the local theatre.  She then had the pleasure of writing and recording a track with a local electronic DJ that found its way onto TV, sound-tracking The OC and House.

After a short spell in Paris where Lissie continued her studies, she gave up university altogether to follow her passion; she moved to LA to really make a musical career for herself.

After much dedication, and time spent playing bars and residencies, she set up her own night with musician friends at a bar; Crane's Hollywood Tavern in 2006, called Beachwood Rockers' Society.

Slowly but surely things started to come together and after an initial EP, Lissie recorded her debut album; Catching a Tiger.  Recording with the likes of Jacquire King the result was a 12 track collection, showcasing the best of her remarkable voice and song-writing skills.

Nowadays, Lissie loves to spend her time in Ojai, California, the small, quiet town where she lives, and has spent much time in London, soaking up the British atmosphere, and seeing the sights. 

We're so excited to be collaborating with Lissie on the latest Twinings Gets You Back To You campaign, and can't wait to bring you more about her music, her UK trips, and our latest advertising.

We are also excited to be meeting her in London on Thursday 9th February for "afternoon tea", I wonder how this Midwesterner will enjoy that very British of activities.



EP Single

The track, "Go Your Own Way" is now available to download from iTunes