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Schisandra chinensis

Parts used medicinally: Berries

Schisandra is considered an adaptogen and is especially good for improving focus and memory. It is rich in antioxidants as well as helping to promote good liver function.

Schisandra berries - Schisandra chinensis

What is Schisandra?

Schisandra berry has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for hundreds of years. In mandarin, it is referred to as 'WU Wei Zi', which means 'five taste fruit' – This is because when you eat the berry you can taste all 5 flavours of sweet, salty, bitter, sour and spicy.  

 Schisandra is considered an adaptogen and so helps the body to adapt well to the common stresses of life. It is often used by herbalist (in a liquid form which is called a tincture) to help the body to function optimally during stress.  

 It is also known to work well at reducing coughing, and so is useful in conditions where a reduction of coughing would offer relief. 

Schisandra berries

Did You Know?

  • Schisandra berries, like many other berries, have strong anti-oxidant properties and thus are good for general health.
  • Schisandra has active ingredients that help optimise liver function. With the liver being the body's main detoxifying organ, schisandra berry can promote healthy detoxification. 
  • This berry is considered an adaptogen that helps to increase focus, memory and concentration. 

Schisandra & Me

  • Try it as an infusion, schisandra adds a nice flavour and colour to many blends. 
  • If you're open to different flavours, try nibbling on some dried schisandra berries – especially good for when you have to focus during stressful periods, like during exams for example. 

If you are pregnant/breastfeeding or on drug medication, be sure to consult with a professional before trying these remedies.



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