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Diversity & Inclusion

We’re a company that respects and values individuals, whoever they are and wherever they come from. The difference they bring is what makes them unique. Our culture is open, relaxed and supportive, one that breaks down barriers.

The people who work in our businesses come from all parts of the world, bringing a rich diversity of cultures and perspectives.

We embrace inclusion in the workplace where differences are valued; where people feel involved, respected, connected – where the richness of ideas, backgrounds and perspectives are embraced. 

Diversity & Inclusion

We aim not to discriminate; we respect and embrace diversity in age, gender, gender identity, ethnicity and physical appearance as well as differences around perspective and lifestyle, personality, sexuality, religion, nationality and education.

We aim to attract and retain the talent by creating an equal opportunities culture that is welcoming to everyone, flexible and responsive to people’s needs with a wide variety of working arrangements.

Our equal opportunities culture enables everyone to develop skills and talents to support their individual career goals.

We have a long-term commitment to gender equality and the promotion of women in the workplace. Our objective is not forced uniformity, rather a flexible culture where women are respected colleagues and leaders.

Diversity Task Force

Diversity Task Force

This task force, made up of female and male leaders from across the ABF Group, meets several times a year to set the strategy on diversity, review business projects and share best practice.

Women's Business Education Forum

The forum is designed to provide opportunities for networking and learning, enhance business understanding and support personal career development. 

Women's Development Programmes

Leadership development programmes for high-potential women. These programmes have been specifically designed to create a positive environment in which participants can build their self-awareness around their leadership style, build their personal style and approach, reflect on their personal network and strengthen their influencing skills.

Unconscious Bias Training

Training sessions on unconscious bias are included in all leadership development programmes. This training aims to build awareness and explore commonly held myths around diversity, translating goals into practical solutions. 

Mentoring Programme

This two-way programme is aimed at providing a different perspective and sounding board to the female mentees as well as to educate the mentors on some of the potential barriers their mentees face.

Career Management

Retaining talented individuals to grow and develop our business is at the heart of this project. It focuses on training business leaders and HR professionals worldwide, equipping them with the tools, knowledge and skills to conduct honest and productive career conversations and facilitate better career management for all talent. 

Career Continuity

For many parents, the desire to balance being a parent with work can be challenging. To help, we have established three work streams covering coaching, learning, and an online portal to help those returning from, or considering taking, parental leave, including relevant information for line managers.

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