Improving Health and Nutrition with UNICEF in Assam

13 October 2012

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T8-Ethical Source Programming Unicef

In 201 Twinings and UNICEF launched a partnership to  improve the lives of 7.000 adolescent girls  in  Assam, India.

The initiative is being implemented in 15 gardens in the Dibrugarh district of Assam, in partnership with UNICEF and the Assam Branch of the India Tea Association (ABITA). The project aims to significantly reducing the prevalence of anaemia in adolescent girls and women by addressing the underlying factors responsible for their poor nutrition station, complemented by improved life skills education.

The majority of teenage girls living in the tea communities of Assam are anaemic due to poor diet. The state of Assam also has very high maternal and infant mortality rates.


The project focuses on the following activities:

  • Distribution of Iron Folic Acid tablets to adolescent girls, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers to control and prevent anaemia.

  • Monthly Nutrition and Health Education sessions covering the following topics: food hygiene, educational nutrition, benefits of the different types of food, children rights, personal hygiene, pre and post maternal health, advice on where and when to seek medical help, etc.

  • Community kitchen gardens and cooking demonstrations to promote food diversity

  • Empowerment of adolescent girls through Life Skills Education such as problem solving, critical thinking, effective communication, inter-personal relationship building, self-awareness, empathy and coping skills

  • Advocacy with tea gardens management and the local government to highlight the need to address anaemia prevention and control in tea communities to make the approach sustainable




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