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Peach & Orange Ice Lollies

Dairy-Free, Fruit Tea, Ice Cream & Lollies, Orange, Peach
A unique take on iced tea, these sugar and caffeine-free peach and orange fruit-ea lollies are a great way to keep your cool in the warm weather.

Raspberry & Buttermint Ice-Lollies

Dessert, Fruity, Ice Cream & Lollies, Mint, Raspberry, Vegan
These deliciously sweet yet wonderfully refreshing raspberry and buttermint ice-lollies are the best summer treat on a hot day. They’re easy to make, inexpensive and only contain 2 natural ingredients.

Peppermint & Strawberry Non-Alcoholic Iced Tea

Afternoon Tea, Drinks, Iced Tea, Peppermint, Strawberry
A twist on a classic, try this refreshing peppermint and strawberry non-alcoholic iced tea for a taste of summer. Top up with plenty of fresh strawberries and mint!