What is Green Tea? The benefits of drinking Green Tea

16 January 2014

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Twinings Green Teas Introduced by Phillippa Thacker, Twinings Senior Tea Buyer

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These Green Teas are now available online.

Explore Our Range of Green Teas

Here at Twinings we have an exciting range of Green Teas, bringing you our best ever Pure Green Tea, as well as a number of blends bursting with exciting natural fruit combinations. These include our Green Tea with Lemon & Honey and our Ginger Green Tea, which are a proving to be a firm favorite with Green Tea lovers!

Even better, the packaging for this vibrant range reflects the exciting flavours held within. So, we have taken this opportunity to dispel some of the Green Tea myths we have heard over the years, and share with you some of the hidden facts from our in-depth knowledge.  


Green Tea Plant Is there a Green Tea Plant?

What is Green Tea?

The Myth: Green Tea comes from the Green Tea plant

The Truth: This is not the case. Green Tea in fact comes from the same plant as other teas; the Camellia Sinensis, it is simply treated differently.

The Myth: Green Tea is in fact, not a tea at all

The Truth: Green Tea is most certainly tea, and a pretty special variety at that. Coming from the Camellia Sinensis, it comes from the original tea plant, but is treated in a specific way to give it that unusual flavour we know and love.

The Myth: Green Tea is only grown in China

The Truth: Green Tea is mostly produced in China, where 80% of the world's Green Tea comes from, but there are some excellent Green Teas available from the Far East, and a little from South India, in the Assam region. It is exported from some regions of South America. The expertise in Green Tea do however lie in China, where they have been producing it for years.

THE TEA EXPERT VIEW: Watch Phillippa talking about Green Tea


Green Tea is probably the original tea to be imported into the UK, and probably the first tea every imported by Twinings.

It comes from the Camellia Sinensis; the tea plant, and the same plant that our daily black tea comes from, however it is produced in a slightly different to give it the unique flavour we all know.


It's simple. The leaves are not given the opportunity to oxidise as with black tea, leaving the teas green in colour.

Oxidation is when the enzymes in the leaf react with the Oxygen in the air, turning the leaves brown, and producing the flavour profile we recognise within black teas.

By gently heating the leaves first, it puts a stop to this chemical reaction, meaning the leaves don't oxidate, and we end up with Green Tea.


The process of stopping oxidation can be done in a couple of ways. The traditional way is to heat the leaves in a large wok. The skill involved is very precise, as the processor needs to ensure the leaves are continually moving, to avoid them burning. This process of heating the leaves kills the enzymes, which avoids oxidation.

The leaves are then prepared to be rolled, and go through the finishing process, much the same as other teas.

The other way to avoid oxidation is to again heat the leaf, but this time by steaming the leaves. This is the preferred method in Japan, where they pass the leaves through a cylinder with high pressure steam blasting through it. It remains there only for a matter of seconds, to heat the leaf enough to kill of the enzymes, producing a very similar effect, but with a slightly different overall taste profile. The output of this method is referred to as steamed Green Tea, or in Japan, Sencha Green Tea.


Now you know all the facts about Green Tea, why not explore our exciting new range. We have three unflavoured Green Teas, one Pure Green Tea, and one Light and Delicate Green Tea, with a slightly softer taste profile. The third, for the first time from Twinings, is a Decaffeinated Pure Green Tea, for those looking for a little less caffeine in their diets.

There is also a very decadent Jasmine Green Tea, which is truly beautiful. However if you are after something a little less pure, something with a little flavour addition, we have a gorgeous range of flavoured Green Teas for you to explore; one for every taste profile.

If you like something citrusy and zesty, we have a refreshing Lemon Green Tea  or why not try Green Tea with Lemon & Honey for something a little smoother. Our Ginger Green Tea is great if you're looking for a tea with a little more heat.

If you like other fruity flavours, we have a great pairing, Apple and Pear Green Tea, or for something a little more exotic, a bright and fresh Pineapple and Grapefruit Green Tea, and for something a little fragrant, we have a very delicate Orange and Lotus Flower Green Tea sure to delight your senses.

All of our flavoured teas have an enhanced flavour to them, on a delicate base to ensure they are the best they've ever been, and deliver the most delicious flavours.

And this exciting range doesn't stop there. We've developed our 3 most innovative flavours yet, a truly exquisite  Mango and Lychee Green Tea, a zesty and flavourful Tangerine and Verbena Green Tea, and our last innovation Peach and Cherry Blossom Green Tea. Just the thing to tickle the senses, and brighten every tea drinking occasion.

And the news doesn't stop there. Our packaging is completely new, and very different to anything we've created before, allowing us to bring Green Tea into the limelight where it belongs. We commissioned fashion illustrator Tobie Giddio a distinctive ink artist to help bring these designs to life. Giddio has previously Alexander McQueen, Tiffany & Co. and Vogue.

Using guidance from the Far East, Giddio, has created these truly contemporary and inspirational designs depicting the individual ingredients of the tea in the designs on the front of the pack, to bring to life their true personality.




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