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Experience More With Twinings

Your Wellbeing

More In Every Drop

Fuelled by a sense of curiosity about the world, we believe that days are better lived with our senses turned up, where we can get the most from our days, and more from every drop. Here's how.

We travel the world in search of the finest teas and our blends reflect the diversity of cultures, regions, tastes and experiences. Every cup is filled with passion, so you can feel alive in every drop.

The Little Things

We believe the little things in life can have the biggest impact on your day. From drawing back the curtains and feeling the sun shining, hearing your favourite song on the radio, going for a walk in nature, or savouring a cup of tea, it's the simple pleasures that often make the biggest difference.

The humble cup of tea has so much power to help you restore and to take a mindful moment. Whether during your working day, a catch-up with a friend, or on the go, grab every opportunity to seize these little moments.

Not Just For Bedtime

Mindful Moments

Let the multi-sensorial experience of Twinings tea awaken your senses to the best each day has to offer.

The tastes and aromas of our teas and infusions, sourced from all over the world are carefully put together by our passionate and expert blenders and are designed to enliven the senses.

Next time you make yourself a cup of tea, think about how it smells, how it tastes. Consider how it makes you feel.

The smell of a rose garden or a freshly mowed lawn in summer. A cosy armchair by the fireside in winter. Exotic, foreign lands or homely comforts. A familiar friend every morning. A comforting pick me up in the afternoon. We all have a personal story about tea. What’s yours?

Try This Tea Meditation
Sourced with Care

Do Things Well

Every single cup of Twinings tea has a story and journey behind it. As a founder of the Ethical Tea Partnership, we believe in doing things better and all our teas are sourced with care.

Looking after our suppliers and tea pickers, the environment and fair play are at the heart of what we do. Good quality tea comes from people who have a good quality of life.

All this and more goes into your perfect cup of tea. Find out more on what Twinings is doing to improve the quality of life in communities where we source our products.

Sourced With Care
The origins of tea in China

Crafted With Passion

Twinings has become one of the world’s most loved tea companies over its 300-year history because we never stop learning, never stop experimenting and never stop inventing.

We are passionate about tea from bud to cup and have been working with some of our tea estates around the world since the early 18th Century.

Our expert blenders are constantly perfecting their craft and have years of combined experience and unrivalled expertise.

Perfectionists, they pay attention to the details that matter from sourcing and selection to blending. The result? A perfect cup of tea every time.

History And Heritage

Twinings is one of the oldest tea companies in the world and has an incredible heritage, with 10 generations of the Twinings family at the helm.

We’ve held the British Royal Warrant since 1837 and are proud to still call Tom’s original teashop on the Strand in the heart of London our flagship store. It’s been home to Twinings teas for over 300 years and has the oldest, continually used commercial logo in the world above its doorway.

Today we bring our heritage into the 21st century with a signature blend of tradition and innovation. We are always pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve and challenge the status quo of tea every day.

Our teams of master blenders, designers and everyone who works at Twinings are always looking for the very best the world of tea has to offer, to ensure the perfection of your multi-sensorial tea drinking experience.

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