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Caffeine in Green TeaCaffeine in Green Tea

Caffeine in Green Tea

Probably one of the first teas to be imported into the UK. Green tea is delicious and often associated with a hoard of health benefits. While it’s fairly well known that tea naturally contains caffeine, there are a few myths surrounding caffeine in Green tea which we’ve decided to iron out.

Does Green Tea Contain Caffeine?

Just like black, white and Oolong tea, green tea contains naturally occurring caffeine. Although the levels of caffeine in green tea are slightly lower than you’d expect to find in black tea, and considerably less than in a cup of coffee.

Decaffeinated green tea is also available if you’re sensitive to caffeine or being mindful of your caffeine intake.

How Much Caffeine in One Green Tea Bag?

Twinings green tea contains around 30-40mg of caffeine per cup, based on 200ml of water being used. As with any tea, there are so many differences in how and where it is grown, how it’s treated and even how it’s brewed, it’s difficult to give an exact number. The maximum safe daily caffeine intake is 400mg for most healthy adults.

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