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5 Top Tips to Boost Your Motivation, Set Your Goals, and Stick to Them!

Lacking motivation? Need a little oomph? Here are five small but simple steps to get motivated, set some goals, and stick with them. No 4 am start required!

5 Top Tips to Boost Your Motivation, Set Your Goals, and Stick to Them!

Feel like you’re lacking in oomph? Struggling to find the motivation to focus on even the smallest of things? Want some simple but effective ways to get motivated, set some goals, and stick with them? Our top five tips are here to help - and not one of them will tell you that you need to get up at 4 am every day!

Motivation ain't easy and there are always distractions! Whether you’ve got big business plans, financial goals, or healthy habits you want to build on, here are our top five tips on how to find that motivation (and sometimes you really have to look for it), creating those actionable steps and keeping accountable so you stick with them.

1) Small, Simple Steps

Setting yourself a goal can feel all kinds of overwhelming. By starting off small and breaking it down into actionable steps or tasks, you’re more likely to stick with it.

Want to exercise a little more every day but struggling? Don’t set yourself up for failure by forcing yourself to get to the gym every day for an hour, commit to something that moves your body for five minutes and see how you get on for a week. You can then increase the time the following week but starting with small and manageable steps will help you on your way. They all add up!

Motivation - start small
Motivation - just start

2) Just. Start.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” If you find yourself constantly staring at your phone every time you think about your goals, it’s time to put it down! It’s so easy to pick up your phone (for something useful and purposeful, of course) and quickly find yourself falling down a rabbit hole of Instagram scrolling, YouTube videos, and wasting precious time, yet achieving nothing but a heap of guilt!

It sounds so mightily simple but so often we tend to overthink our goals and what we want to do and achieve that we almost become paralysed by procrastination and then… surprise, surprise, nothing actually happens.

Take a step back and just start, small. Make a small start today. Procrastination truly is the thief of time… it’s time to choose productivity over being busy!

3) Believe in Yourself

Affirmations and visualisation may sound a little woo-woo but there is a lot to be said for them. Take a moment to think about how it would feel to achieve your goal. Close your eyes and consider, what would my day look like once I’ve [insert your goal here!]. How much better and easier would my life be? By coming from a place of visualising already having it you’ll reinforce those feelings of motivation and feel inspired to get going!

Often our motivation suffers when we’re stuck with limiting beliefs or find ourselves repeating the same negative thought processes that self-sabotage what we truly want. Begin your day with an affirmation, it will help to set a positive scene in your mind and, over time, help your mind programme more towards a positive outcome and attitude. Write your affirmations out, say them out loud, or even scribble them on a post-it note and stick it on your desk or mirror as a reminder!

  • I believe I can achieve whatever I set my mind to
  • I am confident and committed to achieving my goal
  • I choose to take things one step at a time
  • I will not focus on things that are outside of my control

The key is to pay attention - without judgement.

Motivation - Buddy Up

4) Buddy Up

Find yourself an accountability buddy, someone who will, quite literally hold you accountable when you’re not showing up for yourself. Let them know what you’d like to do, what your goals are, and where you’re struggling. By setting yourself some deadlines and having someone to hold you accountable, you’ll be more likely to do exactly what you set out to.

A study from The American Society of Training and Development has found that people are 65% more likely to reach a goal after being accountable to another person. And, their chances increase to 95% if they add in regular meetings and check-ins to monitor their progress.

Let your accountability buddy help you identify the hurdles you’re facing, schedule regular check-ins and create a plan. If you’re not achieving your goal, it might not be the goal but the plan or course of action that’s getting in your way.

5) Reward Yourself 

it’s important to look at how far you’ve come and the challenges you’ve worked through. Take a moment of reflection and reward yourself with a treat for all your hard work and efforts. Have a break, track your progress, congratulate yourself for showing up and well, for just being you! Maybe that treat comes in the form of a walk in the sunshine, a power nap, or a good old cup of tea and a slice of cake (because tea and cake is always a good idea!).

As success mentor, Darren Hardy, says “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

Reward yourself with tea and cake
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