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Cool Moments Lollies

Dairy-Free, Fruity, Healthy Eating & Drinking, Ice Cream & Lollies, Making healthy swaps, Peach, Picnic, Summer, Superblends, Superblends Menopause Cool Moments, Vegan, Vegetarian
Stay cool this summer with our peach tea ice lollies. Infused with our Menopause Cool Moments, these fruity frozen treats are a refreshing way to beat the heat.

Peach & Orange Ice Lollies

Dairy-Free, fruit infusions, Fruit Tea, Fruity, Ice Cream & Lollies, Orange, Peach, Picnic, Summer
A unique take on iced tea, these sugar and caffeine-free peach and orange fruit-ea lollies are a great way to keep your cool in the warm weather.

Raspberry & Buttermint Ice-Lollies

Buttermint tea bags, Dessert, Fruity, Ice Cream & Lollies, Mint, Picnic, Raspberry, Summer, Vegan
These deliciously sweet yet wonderfully refreshing raspberry and buttermint ice-lollies are the best summer treat on a hot day. They’re easy to make, inexpensive and only contain 2 natural ingredients.