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Quiet Mind - Honey and tea-infused drizzle

Breakfast, Healthy Eating, Honey, Snacks, Soulful Blends, Vegetarian

Start your day in a gentle way with this Soulful Blends Quiet Mind tea-infused drizzle. Ideal for porridge, yoghurt, and fruit bowls to help ease you into your day.

Honey & Tea-infused Drizzle - Menopause Cool Moments

Breakfast, Fruity, Honey, Snacks, Superblends, Superblends Menopause Cool Moments
Elevate your breakfast game with this Menopause Cool Moments-infused drizzle. Perfect for porridge, yoghurt, and fruit bowls. A refreshing and healthy way to start the day!

Options Overnight Oats

Belgian Choc, Breakfast, Chocolate, Honey, Hot Chocolate, Oats, Options, Yoghurt
Prep a quick, easy, and filling breakfast in seconds with these Options overnight oats. Breakfast on the go and a great way to fuel the kids too!