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Lets Talk About Vitamin C and Tea

6.6 million Brits would rather give up a morning shower than their first cup of tea of the day

We knew it. Thanks to a bit of research we’ve done recently, we’ve discovered what we secretly knew already. That Britain is still a nation of tea lovers. We conducted a survey that asked a variety of questions relating to your morning routine. The most fascinating insights emerged about us as a nation of tea drinkers…

A cup of tea is more important to us than showering, eating breakfast and putting on makeup!

It turns out that for over half the British population the number one most important part of the morning is, yes, you guessed it, your first cuppa. In fact, our first cup of tea is so important to us that 13% of those interviewed said that they would skip a shower in the morning to make sure they had time for that all important first brew.

Indeed 1 in 5 women said that they would forgo putting on make up in order to have time to savour their first cup of tea.


A quarter of Brits don’t feel properly awake until they’ve had their first cup of tea of the day.

The research revealed that the vast majority of us (79%!) enjoy our first cuppa of the day at home at about 7 a.m. That means for most of us, the most important part of our morning is our beloved cup of tea.

Almost a third of people we interviewed said they would feel annoyed if they couldn’t have a cup of tea in the morning, and one in six would feel stressed or anxious for the rest of the day.

We believe in the importance of starting your day right. It has a knock on effect on the rest of your day.

Cognitive neuroscientist and psychologist Lynda Shaw agrees: “Daily routine plays a really important role, and when this routine is disrupted, it can have a knock on effect for the whole day – with everything from work to family and relationships. Even the small things like listening to your favourite music and making sure you enjoy a quality cup of tea in the morning can really set you up for a successful day. The way you start your day can make a big difference to the way you end your day – so take time to ensure you start it right.”


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Figure for number of Brits who would rather give up a shower to make sure they had time for a cup of tea was calculated in the following way:
 · 13% of Brits would give up a shower
· Population of UK aged 18+ = 50,909,098 (using ONS data UK population figures, here mid-2014 zip)
· 13% of 50,909,098 = 6,618,183 million