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Camomile or Chamomile?Camomile or Chamomile?

Camomile or Chamomile?

Are you looking for the perfect drink for a quiet moment or to wind down after a busy day? Did you have any idea just how many delicious Twinings Camomile infusions you can choose from?

Camomile tea

Why Is There More Than One Way to Spell C(H)amomile?

Its name “Camomile” is also spelled "chamomile" because it derives from the Greek name for this wonderful herb “Khamaimelon” which literally means “earth” “apple” because of its appley aroma.

Camomile (without the h) is the traditional Middle English spelling – when it became popular in the Middle Ages as remedy for sleep, fevers and skin conditions.

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¿Te Negro, O Manzanilla?

Camomile tea is very popular in Mexico, where they call it manzanilla. So much so that if you order a cup of tea your waiter will almost always ask "¿te negro, o Manzanilla?" ("Black tea or camomile?")

Camomile flowers

Twinings Camomile Infusions

Twinings delicious and imaginative range of camomile teas are made with only natural ingredients and are therefore naturally caffeine free, sugar-free and with only 4 calories a cup!

Although we absolutely love pure organic camomile tea on its own, our amazing blenders have created a huge variety of flavours on this heavenly herbal infusion! Combining it with a drop of honey only adds to its wonderfully soothing comfort. 

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