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Christmas Gifts for Green Tea Lovers
Christmas Gifts for Green Tea Lovers

Christmas Gifts for Green Tea Lovers

Treat the green tea lover in your life to one of our delicious and refreshing green tea gifts. We’ve carefully selected some of our all-time favourite blends and varieties and paired them with complementary sweet treats for the perfect refreshment after all the festive feasting.

Matcha Starter Kit Gift Box

1) Matcha Starter Kit Gift Box

Twinings Matcha Powder is Ceremonial grade Organic Matcha green tea powder sourced directly from family farms in Kagoshima and Shizuoka in Japan.  

This Twinings Matcha Starter Kit Gift Box contains everything they need to start crafting delicious Matcha beverages. A Matcha made in heaven. 

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2) Green Tea Selection Filled Jar

A beautifully designed large, ribbed glass tea storage jar with a stainless-steel lid. The jar is filled with a selection of 70 of our green tea envelopes.

Beautifully designed - a stunning asset to any kitchen, dining room or office space.

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Green Tea Selection Filled Jar
Twinings Tea Masterclass Classic Voucher

3) Tea Masterclass Classic Voucher

A unique Twinings tea tasting experience at our flagship store 216 Strand in the heart of London. The perfect 'ready to gift' present for tea lovers and foodies alike.

Tea is one of the most exciting commodities on this planet. Discover the secrets of tea and embark on a journey following the tea leaf all the way from tea gardens around the world to your favourite cup:

• Explore 5000 years of tea history and 300 years of Twinings masterblending expertise.

• Accompany the Camellia Sinensis on its long journey from field to cup.

• Taste white, yellow, green, oolong, black and pu'erh teas.

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4) Twinings Discovery Exotic Mango & Ginger Green Tea

Mango and ginger flavour green tea. The full, plump flavour of mango with an exciting gingery twist,over a base of green tea. Morning or afternoon, this is a blend to lift their mood and warm your soul.

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Timeless Classics Gift Bag

5) Timeless Classics Gift Bag

Say goodbye to boring gift bags with this Timeless Classics Gift Bag. Classy and elegant, this gift bag makes every present look deliciously timeless. Complete with Pip Studio Flower Festival mugs and a black and gold bag.

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