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Discover Twinings Christmas Teas

Discover Twinings Christmas Teas

We believe that it’s the little things that really make Christmas a season of joy. From fairy-lit homes and the smell of winter spice to mince pies and giving gifts, it’s a time to truly savour the moment with friends and family.

Our range of Christmas teas are the perfect way to welcome in the festivities and add a touch of warmth and sparkle to the season ahead.

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Christmas Tea 

This specially selected Christmas tea is a spiced mix of malty black tea, expertly blended with warming spice flavours, safflowers and orange peel for a deliciously festive treat.

If you like Winter Spiced tea, then this is the brew for you.

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Winter Spice

Create a relaxing moment with a sweet apple flavour and savoury cinnamon, cardamom and clove spices.‚

Whether you are entertaining guests or simply taking a moment for yourself to pause, relax and recharge, Twinings Winter Spice is the perfect way to restore the senses and cheer the soul.

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Gingerbread Joy

Lift your spirits this season with the ginger and cinnamon flavours of this irresistible flavoured black tea.

Our Gingerbread Joy‚ is a tempting and decadent blend that combines the finest black teas with the sweet and savoury spice flavours of ginger and cinnamon.

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Peppermint Cheer

This specially selected Spiced Christmas chai is an aromatic blend of African black tea, rooibos and fragrant spices.

Warming and aromatic, perfectly blended to create a wonderfully rich and spicy festive brew.

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