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Five Ways to Feel Alive Every Day

Never have we been more aware of the difference between merely living and feeling alive.

Here are some healthy living tips with some great recipe ideas, and general life hacks.

Five Ways to Feel Alive Every Day

We all lead really full and vibrant lives. Sometimes the pace of modern life means that days can just fly by and we don’t know where the time has gone. We believe every day can be amazing, with some much exciting potential waiting to be unlocked, if only we could make the best of it. Amidst the helter skelter of a busy schedule, between work, family and household chores, we can find ways to make sure every moment is appreciated, and create pockets of time to revitalise, re-energise and seize the day.

We’ve got lots of ideas on creating a great start to your day, healthy living tips with some great recipe ideas, and general life hacks to make every day amazing. So, with this in mind, we’ve put together our top five ways you can feel better every day.

1) Start Your Day Right

Set the alarm a little earlier so you can take your time to enjoy the morning. Savour that first cup of tea. Take your time in the shower to ease into the day. Get your things and the school bags organized the night before so you can enjoy a hearty breakfast together around the kitchen table – setting a happy, relaxed and enthusiastic tone for the rest of the day.

Start Your Day Right
Fresh Air and Exercise

2) Make Time for Some Fresh Air and Exercise

Nothing beats exercise - even just 20 minutes every day. Whether that’s taking the dog for a walk, a stroll at lunch time, an after work session in the gym or a morning jog, exercise and fresh air get your endorphins going (your happy hormones).

Exercise also gets your heart rate up and relaxes the mind and body – especially if you spend a lot of your day sitting down. Just a few minutes of exercise is all it takes, no matter how gentle or vigorous, it will make you feel better every day.

3) Caffeine / Sugar Free Alternatives for Greater Energy Throughout the Day

We often turn to caffeinated or sugary drinks and snacks to boost our energy levels or perk us up if we’re feeling a little tired or run down. However, you quickly find that this is a short-term fix that can leave you feeling more depleted just half an hour later. Too much sugar, we know, is bad for us.

Try replacing the chocolate bar or packet of crisps with energy boosting nuts, seeds and fruit. Too much caffeine can give you the jitters rather than create a sense of alert calm. To feel better throughout the day, why not try some healthy and tasty caffeine free alternatives?

Twinings have a fabulous array of colourful, naturally sugar and caffeine free fruit and herbal infusions to choose from. Masterfully blended to put a smile on your face, and give you a sense of enormous well being. If you really love your black teas in the evening, how about trying Rooibos or Redbush tea? It’s a delicious go-to alternative, with a full bodied nutty flavour that, unlike other teas, can be enjoyed with milk. 100% naturally caffeine free – delicious with a drop of honey and also great for the kids tea time, too.

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Make Time for Fun!

4) Make Time for Fun!

Being a grown up can be such a serious business sometimes. But life is meant to be fun. And the more fun you can inject into your day the better you will feel. It’s also fun to get creative with how to have fun. Fun things don’t have to cost much and can even be free. For instance taking up a hobby like painting or pottery, or a new sport, playing hide and seek with the kids, or taking time to read a book or even colour one in.

There are now lots of “adult” colouring books which have proven therapeutic benefits; it's something you could do alongside the kids, too. You can factor in a weekly treat to the cinema or ice rink, or building dens in the woods, a catch up with friends over Sunday lunch. Giving yourself permission to have a little fun is a sure fire way to feel better … every day.

5) Restful Bedtime

Having a relaxing bed time routine can do wonders for your daily sense of well being. Turning off computer, phone and television screens half an hour or - even better - an hour before bedtime can help you sleep better. Taking an evening bath or a shower to wipe off the day’s grime is both refreshing and relaxing.

A soothing cup of bed time camomile tea whilst reading a chapter of a favourite book is a lovely way to unwind and relax into a restful, peaceful sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep, so you wake up feeling fully refreshed, is the perfect way to end a full day of feeling better.

Restful Bedtime
Alive in Every Drop

Alive in Every Drop

Never have we been more aware of the difference between merely living and feeling alive. Our wellbeing range empowers you to live a better life, by extracting more from every moment of time.

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