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New Teaware Range From Award Winning Tokyo Design Studio

TDS celebrate cross-cultural collaborations by giving a unique European twist to traditional Japanese pattern and tableware design. Three words: Simple. Stunning. Stylish. Discover more about this fantastic company and browse our range of Tokyo Design Studio teaware here.

We’re thrilled to announce our launch of the latest award winning tableware range from Tokyo Design Studio. Voted 'The best discovered stand & brand 2016' at Lifestyle, Decoration and Design Fair at Maison & Objet in Paris.

The collection combines heritage with modernity, user-friendliness with high-end style. Indeed with design teams located in the Netherlands and Japan, Tokyo Design Studio embodies cutting edge chic and an ever-evolving East meets West signature ethos, which can be seen in their elegant and beautifully crafted high quality tableware.

East Meets West / Heritage Meets Modernity

Founded in 2010, the design studio celebrates the historical cross-pollination between Dutch and Japanese heritage and traditions that date right back to the 16th Century. The famous Delft Blue from Holland was inspired by porcelain from the Orient, which in turn was embraced in Japanese tableware.

Today, inspired by the cultural melting pot and leader in world fashion and lifestyle that is Tokyo, TDS combines the best of traditional Dutch / Japanese designs and colours with contemporary lines, European shapes and sizes and high end artisanal craftsmanship.

Top Artisanal Quality

Produced exclusively by artisans in Japan, using methods developed over the last 400 years, and yet available globally, meticulous care and attention goes into these creations.

Every cup, teapot and saucer is baked twice, then decorated one colour at a time, glazed and baked again. The whole range is both dishwasher and microwave safe, and yet made of high porcelain.

The Tokyo Design Studio Collection

Twinings are proud to offer a really diverse array of tableware that is sure to appeal to both traditionalist and modern minimalist alike: Nippon Grey, Star & Wave, Nippon Black and Geometric Electric

Top Picks & What To Choose?

Eclectic Geometric 

The eclectic geometric range really is the epitome of how East meets West in this collection. The geometric patterns feel very modern and European and yet the ordered motifs could easily come from the Orient.

We love the combo of the eclectic geometric orange pattern and blue mill mugs. Clearly inspired by the windmills of the Netherlands, yet the contemporary layout could easily call to Japanese lines and ordered geometric patterns. The detail on the inner rim of each mug is truly delightful, done in the same colours but with contrasting shapes, and completes the contemporary twist.

Nippon Range

The sophisticated Nippon Grey and Nippon Black series complement each other beautifully and offer a host of lavish motifs; both traditionally Asian and newly designed, inspired by a Dutch and Scandinavian contemporary feel.

The Nippon Grey Clouds mug is a perfect example of this East meets West feel. A thoroughly modern design, yet clearly inspired by the intricacy of traditional Japanese style and painting. Because of this masterful combination of modernity and history, it combines stunningly with the trendy minimalist Grey Stripes Mugs or Grey Waves mugs. A gorgeous contrast on the table. Or, to keep it more ornate and traditional, combine it with the Nippon Grey Flowers Mug. Serve your tea in the captivating Nippon Black teapot with its geometric wave pattern for a truly elegant yet funky tea party.

Equally, the Nippon Grey range combines stunningly with the more colourful and trendy pastel ranges found in the Star and Wave and Geometric Eclectic collections. The stylish possibilities here are endless!

Star Wave

The star and wave series is fabulously stunning and comes in a variety of colours: vivid electric reds, purples, blues and yellows contrast with their equivalent in pastel shades.

 If the mug’s exterior is wave patterned, peer inside the rim and you’ll find a star pattern painted in a contrasting colour… and vice versa. They make a wonderful collection on their own, but can also be combined with the eclectic geometric series for a really eye-catching tea table!

Mix And Match

The star teapot in light purple and the wave teapot in vivid blue can be used to pour tea along side their own collections; but equally look stunning when contrasted with the geometric eclectic mugs.

Take the blue stripes mug for example, painted in the beautiful delft blue of Holland but using a really modern and contemporary pattern looks gorgeous next to the pastel stars teapot and even the black Nippon teapot – as the patterns and colours complement rather than overwhelm each other.

These beautiful designs look incredible in any kitchen, dining room and can definitely perk up the office!

Create The Magic!

TDS designers have masterfully created these collections to exist on their own and to be mixed and matched with each other.

Create your own magic. The decision is yours. We hope you have fun with it!