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Twinings Proudly Supply Luxury Teas To B&B's Across Britain

Do you own a guest house, B&B or hotel? Add a dash of quintessential English taste and luxury to your guests’ breakfast and afternoon tea with Twinings.

Visitors come to England from all over the world, because of its beautiful countryside, incredible cities and because they love our rich history and unique royal pageantry.

Twinings is proud to be a part of England’s illustrious heritage. Famous around the world for our signature premium quality teas, elegant style and Royal Warrant, Twinings is instantly recognizable as a standard-bearer of English traditions, quality and luxury.

Quintessentially English Experience

If you own a B&B, hotel or guesthouse and are looking to provide your guests with both a luxurious stay, as well as a quintessentially English experience, we invite you to try our smart and stylish Wooden Deluxe Compartment Boxes and Loose Leaf Pyramid Compartment Boxes.

Deluxe Compartment Boxes

Not only eye catching to look at, they are perfect for safely storing and presenting your range of different Twinings teas. Teabags come individually wrapped to keep the tea fresh – which is also useful when you have a number of guests sifting through your collection of flavours while making their choice.

Heighten The Stakes

Loose leaf teas with their subtleties and aromas, heighten the stakes by introducing people to some of the most sought after teas in the world.

The compartment boxes conveniently come in different sizes and styles, so you can handpick ones that best suit your unique style of hospitality.

Twinings signature teas such as English Breakfast, Darjeeling and Earl Grey are known and loved by people all over the world! Fruit, green and herbal teas are also extremely popular for any time of the day. Our boxes are the perfect place to store an eclectic selection of traditional and exotic blends.

The beautifully presented Wooden Deluxe is made from fine dark wood and finished with the Queen's golden Royal Warrant and solid brass hinges and openings. It makes an attractive addition to the side dresser or table in its own right; and sets the tone for a delicious breakfast with the perfect cup of tea!

Welcoming your guests into a cosy sitting room for the ritual of afternoon tea can be made that extra bit special with Loose Leaf Pyramid Tea Boxes.

These are made from fine dark wood and finished with solid gold hinges and openings.

Our famous, high quality loose leaf teas are the perfect hot drink to accompany the delicious sandwiches, scones and cakes that make up a traditional afternoon tea.

Serviceware & Accessories 

We have loads of top tips for bed and breakfast and hotel owners on stylish serving ware, how to pair foods with different teas and the all-important presentation from tea pots to milk jugs, strainers and tea cups. We’ve created elegant and practical tea accessories especially for B&B owners.

Twinings Tea Tidy 

Now: £5.10 each
Was: £6.00
Out of stock
Stylish Twinings branded stainless steel tea bag tidy.

Twinings Strainless Steel Tea Strainer

Now: £5.10 each
Was: £6.00
Out of stock
Very fine, stainless steel tea strainer with handles, for the perfect brew or infusion every time.

Loose Tea Scoop

Now: £5.10 each
Was: £6.00
Make a great cup of loose leaf tea the easy way with this high quality Twinings branded measuring spoon.

Tea Timer

Now: £18.70 each
Was: £22.00
Our Twinings Tea Timer will help you brew your teas and infusions for the right amount of time!


Browse the website for articles to inspire your afternoon tea parties and check out some of our breakfast recipes too!

Pick & Mix

Not everyone is the same; indeed people’s taste in tea is as unique as a fingerprint. At Twinings we’ve made it easy for you to reorder your guests favourites with our Pick&Mix option

View All Individual Envelopes

English Breakfast - Single Envelope 

£0.25 each
Bright, full-bodied and full of flavour, English Breakfast is perfect for clearing away your cobwebs at any time of day.

Salted Caramel Indulgence Green Tea - Single Envelope

£0.25 each
This Salted Caramel Green Tea is sweet but somehow slightly salty. Fresh tasting, yet somehow rich and warming, a truly indulgent of blend

Sleep - Single Envelope

£0.25 each
Superblends - Sleep. Spiced Apple and Vanilla Flavoured Herbal Infusion with Camomile and Passionflower.

Refill Pack - 48 Assorted Envelope Teas

£11.00 each
It's now very easy to top up on our favourite Twinings teas by buying this refill pack which contains 48 assorted teas

Traditionally English 

Twinings is proud to be a supplier of the finest teas and accessories to hotels, guest houses and B&Bs across the country. Let us help you to create a truly memorable, traditionally English stay for your guests. One that combines taste and style with that indefinable sense of luxury that only top quality tea can!

Contact Us

If you are a B&B, hotel or guesthouse owner and are looking to serve your guests Twinings please contact us here.

Deluxe Compartment Boxes

View All Compartment Boxes 

Loose Leaf Pyramid Tea Box - 2 Compartment Filled 

£34.00 each
Twinings black wooden compartment box filled with 24 mixed individually wrapped loose leaf pyramid envelopes.

Deluxe Wooden Tea Box - 12 Compartment Filled

£58.00 each
Twinings deluxe wooden compartment box filled with 144 mixed individually wrapped tea bags.

Deluxe Wooden Tea Box - 4 Compartment Filled

£36.00 each
Twinings deluxe wooden compartment filled with 48 mixed individually wrapped tea bags.

Deluxe Wooden Tea Box - 2 Compartment Filled

£22.50 each
Twinings deluxe wooden compartment box that holds up to 24 individually wrapped Tea bags.