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Lets Talk About Vitamin C and Tea

Staying Hydrated - How to Build the Habit

We lead full, varied and busy lives and know how important it is to make the most of every day. We’ve got some ideas for you to integrate the habit of staying hydrated throughout the day in an enjoyable, healthy and hassle free way.

Sometimes life can just whizz by, with the morning rush to get the kids off to school, making it to the gym before work, catching up with friends and cooking dinner whilst helping with homework and all the other little things. Making time to rest, play, rejuvenate and rehydrate can sometimes be relegated to “not quite enough time for that today”.

That's why we've put together some ideas to help you stay hydrated throughout the day, without having to compromise on the other things which are important to you.


Firstly, our hydration levels directly impact our ability to enjoy the day. Our bodies are unbelievably made up of nearly 70% water, which means we can’t actually function without it. Water is used in our digestion and elimination, for transporting nutrients and oxygen around the body and keeping our temperature in balance. Another benefit is that water helps keep your skin healthy and radiant.

Staying well hydrated throughout the day gives you more vitality, energy and enthusiasm to appreciate each and every moment. You’ll know when you’re dehydrated because you can feel tired and lacking in energy. Other symptoms of dehydration include headaches and brain fog, mood swings, dry or chapped lips and dull skin. The quick hydration test is the pee test: the paler your pee, the better!

So often we try the “quick fix” pick-me-up of sugary and fizzy drinks. But these tend to give us a quick boost in exchange for a quicker drop in energy levels, ironically making you feel more tired than before. So staying hydrated in a more sustainable way gives you the get up-and-go feeling to embrace and appreciate every experience of every day.

1) First of all, you can take in water from the foods you eat. Many fruits and vegetables contain large amounts of water like cucumber, lettuce and tomato. So incorporating healthy vegetables in your diet can kill two birds with one stone! Staying healthy and hydrated.

2) Snazz up your water! Adding slices of lemon, orange, cucumber or sprigs of mint can enliven your water. You can make a large jug of it in the morning and just keep on pouring throughout the day. Tap water is almost free, and adding these little sprigs and slices of joy keep it calorie and sugar free, too!

3) Caffeine free, hassle free, calorie free and 100% natural! Go fruity with Twinings Fruit and Herbal infusions. We have an enormous and delicious range of amazing infusions – the perfect way to colour your day and jazz up your water intake. These are sugar and caffeine free with only 4 calories per cup, maximum. They are a delicious, fruity, fun and fabulous alternative to caffeinated and fizzy drinks.

Try out our Strawberry and Raspberry infusion – it brings an immediate smile to your face. These are great for the kids, too, being caffeine and sugar free yet totally tasty. You can also turn these into summery iced teas to cool off with. Try adding real strawberries and raspberries for an extra dash of deliciousness and a perfectly pretty look.

4) Tea and Coffee… yes, they do contain caffeine - which is a diuretic - but your body is still going to absorb the water from your essential morning cuppa. Our favourite is Twinings Strong English Breakfast to start the day off with a zip and and zing! (Doctors recommend no more than 400 mg of caffeine per day – that’s about 4 cups of tea or 2 of coffee).

5) Twinings Green Teas are also wonderful for giving you that lift in the afternoons. With lower caffeine content than regular black teas, our range of green tea infusions are beautifully blended to create a vibrant yet sensuous taste and smell. We have stunningly imaginative blends like mango and lychee or orange and lotus flower that can really give you that revitalizing boost of energy. Just like with our fruit infusions, you can pour these teas over crushed ice – not only refreshing in hot weather, but another great way to sneak some water in!


Twinings tea infusions can really help unlock the promise of every day – in a healthy, hassle free way without compromising on taste, helping you and the family stay hydrated all day, every day.