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Tea Etiquette

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Tea Etiquette - Elevating Your Tea Experience

There is so much more to tea than simply having a cuppa. More than just a beverage, tea is steeped in ritual and tradition, and good tea etiquette is an art form. 

From brewing to serving, if you want to do tea right, here are some simple rules for elevating your tea experience and tea party.

Brew Ha Ha

While a beautifully set table can certainly make a statement, the true star of any tea gathering is the quality of the tea itself. Don't underestimate the importance of selecting a high-quality loose-leaf tea. Brew it in a classic china teapot for an authentic touch.

When it comes to brewing, use freshly drawn and boiled water to ensure the perfect infusion of flavour. If you're unsure about the brewing process for your specific tea, always refer to the guidelines provided.

When serving loose-leaf tea, be sure to use a tea strainer to prevent any of the tea leaves falling in the cup. Try a hand-held tea strainer, or a teapot with a built in strainer. 

Don't Cause A Stir

If you want to stir tea like a pro, start at 12 o’clock and softly fold the tea back and forth. Do not clink the spoon against the china and never leave the spoon in the cup. Once you’ve stirred to perfection, simply leave the teaspoon on the saucer to the right-hand side of the cup.

Want to learn more about making the perfect cuppa? Read our guide, including the all-important milk first or last?

Have Your Cake

When it comes to hosting the perfect afternoon tea, presentation is just as important as the taste. And at the heart of this presentation is the iconic three-tiered cake stand. Each tier plays a crucial role in showcasing the delicious array of treats that accompany your tea.

The middle tier is for sandwiches (no crusts), the bottom tier is for sweets, pastries and desserts, and the top, well, that’s reserved for the ultimate guest - the scones. Freshly baked and served with clotted cream and jam, scones take pride of place on the top tier of the cake stand. Whether you prefer classic plain scones or fruity variations, they are an essential element of the tea experience.

The Perfect Afternoon Tea

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