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Twinings AdaptogensTwinings Adaptogens

Twinings Adaptogens

Our carefully crafted range of caffeine free blends, each containing an Adaptogen herb, are the perfect partners to your 5 minutes out, helping you to lift your spirits and leave you feeling more grounded.

Twinings Adaptogens

You can’t pour from an empty pot. So, when you’re feeling under pressure and life is wearing you down. Stop. Breathe. Be present.

We wanted to craft a range of tranquil teas that contain Adaptogens, a natural herb that helps the body adapt to stress. Working with our internal herbal experts, flavour experts and tea masters we created this range of 3 exciting blends which bring adaptogens and their qualities to life in delicious herbal teas: 

When life’s pressures are getting to you, Twinings Adaptogens are the perfect “take-5” partners to your daily mindful moments

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Twinings Adaptogens Range

Twinings Adaptogens - Inner Clarity

Inner Clarity

Citrusy Camomile & Lemon Balm + Tulsi

Inner calm, in a cup, for all those busy bods out there. When you’ve got too much on your shoulders, and it’s weighing you down, take a moment to let Tulsi’s rich minty flavours lift your spirits, we’ve added a subtle little citrusy boost from Lemon Balm too.

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Twinings Adaptogens - Inner Peace

Inner Peace

Sweet Vanilla and Fig Rooibos + Ashwagandha

Inner Peace, in a cup, for all the soul-searchers out there. When you need to stop for a minute, sort through the muddle and feel a bit more grounded. The secret lies in a well-loved root called Ashwagandha. Three cheers for its earthy flavour, balanced with mellow vanilla, figs and rooibos so that suddenly it all seems to make sense.

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Twinings Adaptogens - Inner Strength

Inner Strength

Sweet Honey Chai Rooibos + Maca

Inner Strength, in a cup, for all the jugglers out there. When doing too much, take five to re-boot and try mighty Maca. Malty sweet and a tiny bit toasty. Flavours of sweet honey and spicy chai play their part too in this chilled-out blend.

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Tulsi/Holy Basil

Tulsi/Holy Basil

Tulsi is considered one of the most sacred plants in India and is highly revered in Ayurvedic medicine. Its adaptogenic properties are utilised by many herbalist today as a protective remedy against the negative effects of stress.


Ashwagandha is a traditional Ayurvedic herb used by many all around the world. It is an adaptogenic herb and considered to be calming in its effects.


Maca is a plant known for its ability to live and thrive in one of the harshest climates in the world. This is so fitting because its roots have long been used to help us adapt to and survive in stressful environments.