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Cherry Cinnamon Amaretto Iced Tea

Almond, BBQ, Cherry, Drinks, Fruity, Iced Tea, Monin
This delicious iced tea combines the aromatic flavours Cherry & Cinnamon tea with Monin Amaretto Syrup. The rich almond flavour complements the cinnamon.

Coco Cherry Bakewell Iced Tea

BBQ, Cherry, Coconut, Drinks, Garden Party, Green Tea, Iced Tea, Monin
A dash of Cherry Bakewell, an infusion of green tea and the intensely tropical coconut Monin syrup creates an electric, fruity and exotic iced tea infusion.

Cherry Crumb Bars

Afternoon Tea, Biscuit, Black Tea, Cherry, Dessert
Infused with our English Afternoon tea for a truly unique and yummy taste. Crumb bars are perfect to make at the beginning of the week and keep for a few days if chilled in the fridge.