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Options Overnight Oats

Belgian Choc, Breakfast, Chocolate, Honey, Hot Chocolate, Oats, Options, Yoghurt
Prep a quick, easy, and filling breakfast in seconds with these Options overnight oats. Breakfast on the go and a great way to fuel the kids too!

Ovaltine Chocolate Fruit Dip

Belgian Choc, Chocolate, Dessert, Fruity, Hot Chocolate, Ovaltine, Picnic, Snacks, Strawberry, Yoghurt
Quick, easy, and the perfect healthy treat for the family. This fruit dip is made with Ovaltine Chocolate and is ideal for dipping your favourite fruits!

Mint Morning Milkshake

Belgian Choc, Chocolate, Drinks, Hot Chocolate, Iced Tea, Milkshake, Mint, Oats, Options, Yoghurt
Power up your morning with this thick and creamy porridge oat shake. Complete with mint choc and hazelnut syrup, it’s a tasty breakfast that’s great on the go.