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How to Serve the Perfect Cup

How to Serve the Perfect Cup

If you're looking to drive your tea sales and increase profitability, Twinings have all of the tools and advice needed to entice and delight your customers.

Stock a Range of Teas and Infusions to Make Your Outlet a Destination for Tea

Loose Leaf Tea

Loose Leaf Tea 

Signature Blends – Each blend in this range was personally created by one of our master blenders. Made with the finest varieties from across the globe, they’re amongst our most exquisite teas. This series of 14 superior blends are perfect for formal dining occasions.

Mesh Loose Leaf Pyramids

Mesh Loose Leaf Pyramids

Mesh loose leaf tea bags provide the perfect mix of the fine flavour of premium loose tea leaves and the convenience of a tea bag. Offering the perfect middle ground for your customers, our large leaf mesh pyramid range is made up of 21 teas and infusions.

Envelopes and String & Tag

Envelopes and String & Tag 

These everyday teas are easy to infuse, and come with the guarantee of quality that every Twinings tea provides. With a selection of 10 speciality black teas, 6 infusions, 5 green teas, 2 white teas and one redbush, these are ideal for a whole host of catering formats.

Generate Incremental Profit With Premium Teas

Twinings Superblends

With the right brand, range and service, consumers are prepared to pay a significant price premium for a tea experience that delivers added-value through quality ingredients, great taste and impeccable service.

53% of out of home consumers are now willing to pay more for a tea experience that offers them something truly memorable, and are now actively looking for blends that offer the perfect balance of quality, taste and value for money.*

Source: Source: Allegra Tea out of Home Report Dec 14

Serve Loose Leaf Teas or Loose Leaf Mesh Bags to Add Value to Your Tea Service

Loose Leaf Tea

Loose Leaf Tea 

Delivering a loose leaf tea experience, served in a pot can command a 20% price premium. This allows your customer to enjoy the full taste experience, and also means that tea can deliver more profit than a cappuccino.

Mesh Loose Leaf Pyramids

Loose Leaf Mesh Teabags

Improve quality and value for money by serving loose leaf mesh bags in areas of high volume or self-serve. Whilst average tea sell out price is £1.68, loose leaf mesh can command £1.95, delivering a profit margin of 19%.

Develop Your Tea Menu to Surprise and Delight Customers

The standard definition of a ‘pot of tea’ is no longer providing a sufficient amount of choice on beverage menus.

19% of consumers would like to see more choices of tea at their coffee retailer, and 33% would pay more for a cup of tea if a greater variety were available*. Therefore, ensuring that your beverage menu promotes a range of teas - and inspires people to choose them - is an excellent way to both satisfy your customers and improve your sales.

Ensure your menus have an equal split of tea to coffee. Tea is consumed in the same volume as coffee out of home and should be presented with the same dedicated space for descriptors and blends.

35% of consumers make a choice based on menu presence. Make your menus impactful and include descriptors to allow your customers to make an informed choice about blends and flavours

*Source: Allegra Tea out of Home Report Dec 14

Tea Menu

Deliver the Perfect Serve, Every Time

How you serve your tea is as important as the tea itself. Bring your service to life and draw in new tea drinking crowds by serving your teas and infusions in stylish crockery.

Style and theatre also adds to the ‘Tea Experience’ by improving the quality of presentation.

Explore Teapots
Deliver the Perfect Serve, Every Time

Loose Leaf Teas

Serving loose leaf teas in authentic teaware adds ritual and ceremony to the customer’s tea experience. Use glass cups and saucers, as well as glass teapots to allow the customer to watch their tea infusing. Also, use a tea timer to ensure the perfect serve every time.

Mesh Loose Tea Bags

Mesh loose leaf tea bags offer the perfect mix of convenience and flavour, with the tea inside being given ample room to infuse. Like other loose tea forms, these are well suited to glass teapots, cups and saucers, as well as to using a tea timer for the perfect infusion.

Speciality Teas, Infusions, Green Teas and Roobios

When serving black teas or rooibos, classic china teaware is an excellent option to give the traditional tea-drinking experience. Always offer these varieties with a jug of milk. The pleasant colours of green teas and infusions as they infuse are well-suited to glass teapots, cups and saucers.

Chai Lattes

The traditional way of serving a Chai Latte is in a clear glass, so for the full experience offer them to your customers in a tall latte glass. This not only shows the colour of the infusion at its best, but also lets the customer see the layer of froth which forms on top if you use steamed milk.

Visibility Is Key to Driving Sales

Visibility Is Key to Driving Sales

75% of purchasing decisions are made at point of purchase, and consumers will only ask for products that they can see on menus or counter areas.

Twinings have a range of stylish and practical stands and compartment boxes to securely hold your tea cartons or loose leaf teas, whilst also providing the brand reassurance that they are buying authentic Twinings tea.


Add Value With Tea & Food Pairings

Tea has a greater ability to be served with food than any other hot drink. Offer tea and food combinations in the same way that restaurants may recommend specific wines for dishes.

  • 77% of speciality teas are consumed with food
  • 65% of consumers would increase spend if a meal deal were on offer

Offer your range of tea and food pairings based on consumer needs, and tie in to seasonal events where possible.

*Source: Allegra Tea out of Home Report Dec 14

Add Value With Tea & Food Pairings

Train Your Staff to Be Tea Ambassadors

Visibility Is Key to Driving Sales

Well trained staff are key to increasing your tea sales and creating a tea experience to delight your customers.

Train staff to always ask ‘which tea would you like?’ to encourage consumer trial of different teas.

In addition, allow staff to taste your range of teas and ensure that they understand brewing times, temperatures and serving recommendations.

Twinings Training

Twinings offer a full package of training support to help you and your staff to increase your tea service, knowledge and sales.

Our Training Package Includes:

  • Personalised training sessions with a Twinings Tea Ambassador
  • Live training sessions
  • Webinars
  • Online training videos
  • Downloadable serving guides
  • Training manuals
  • Operator’s guide to selling tea

Tea Training Videos

To help you and your staff to serve the perfect cup of tea or infusion every time, we have created a suite of training videos which provide a step-by-step guide to the preparation and service of different types of tea.