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Many Days, Many Ways With Twinings

Time to “Relax” and Take a Moment..

As a nation it’s easy to get caught up in being busy and we forget to take a break- we all do it! Let’s combat this by offering irresistible blends which entice consumers out of home for their afternoon “me moment”. Introducing: 

Unwind, Spiced Apple & Camomile

Lightly spiced apple and sweet camomile blend which is perfect for when you grab a minute just for you. This mellow, caffeine free infusion is the perfect “ahhhh” moment you’ve been looking for.

Twinings Unwind, Spiced Apple & Camomile
Twinings Unwind, Spiced Apple & Camomile

Honey & Rooibos

A cup of peace for your soul- Honey & Rooibos with hints of fig and cinnamon make for a great chilled out blend.

This versatile blend tastes great hot and cold and if you want to go a little nuts, add frothed almond milk!

Twinings Honey & Rooibos
Twinings Honey & Rooibos - Hot with milk
Twinings Honey & Rooibos - Hot
Twinings Honey & Rooibos - Cold

However, it doesn’t stop there.. 

Welcome Back! “Enjoy” Hot or Cold..

With Tea occasions linked to Health up +60% vs 2014* it’s apparent that Health and overall Wellbeing is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Consumers are making small adjustments to their daily routines aiming to help reduce stress, improve wellbeing and create that winning work/life balance which is now more vital than ever before. We’ve been looking into these changes and seeing how Tea can play its part. Introducing: 

Strawberry Green

There are some flavour combinations that are just meant to be and we've teamed up two of the best in our Strawberry Green Tea. Taste the roasted notes of pan-fried green tea followed by an explosion of fruitiness from sweet strawberries. It's a super light, zinger of a drink.

"Now that is right up my street. I just love the fruit, love the refreshing flavours." - Watch me think - Twinings OOH Range

Twinings Strawberry Green
Twinings Strawberry Green

Mango & Pineapple

A taste of holidays doesn’t have to be a plane ride away. Have your very own tropical moment with this cup of sunshine. Caffeine free and great with a slice of lemon!

Twinings Mango & Pineapple
Twinings Mango & Pineapple

Revive, Raspberry & Vitamin C

Imagine if you could get 75% of your daily Vitamin C in one super juicy cup of goodness? Ta-dah you can! This versatile blend tastes delicious both hot and cold! Want to know how? See below:

"Oh, this is absolutely gorgeous, this tastes like health in a mug, it tastes good for you." – Watch my think- Twinings OOH Range

Twinings Revive, Raspberry & Vitamin C
Twinings Revive, Raspberry & Vitamin C - Over Ice
Twinings Revive, Raspberry & Vitamin C - Hot

It’s Time to Get Experimental With a Classic...

Our award-winning Full English needs no introduction, so we’ll get straight to the point - You can do some much with this blend! Therefore, take a seat and have a scroll through some short videos. Think hot, think cold, think lattes! 

English Breakfast Iced Latte

English Breakfast with Ginger Beer Iced Tea

English Breakfast Latte

Many Days, Many Ways With Twinings