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Our Sustainability Journey

By putting care into the making of all our drinks, we put wellbeing at the heart of every cup of Twinings.​​

We believe our drinks can be a force for positive change around the world – from the communities where we source our ingredients to the homes where ourdrinks are enjoyed. We are working to improve the wellbeing and livelihoods of our farmers and sourcing communities, while protecting the planet we rely on bysourcing quality ingredients to the highest ethical and sustainablestandards, andimproving our environmental impacts.

​​Working to improve the wellbeing of people and the planet through the making of our drinks.

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Sourced with Care

Sourced with Care

Sourced with Care is our responsible sourcing programme, which aims to improve the lives of communities from which we source. We do this through improving access to water and sanitation, empowering women and enhancing incomes and resilience through income diversification and sustainable farming practices.

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Working with Care

Through Working with Care, we are helping to conserve our planet by keeping the environment front of mind in everything we do. We constantly challenge our thinking to improve our operations and reduce our footprint. starting by becoming carbon neutral in our operations and supply chain, and optimising our packaging, we will enable more people to access sustainable drinks.

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Discover Our Collection

Twinings English Breakfast Tea

Black Tea 

Strong, fragrant, and full-bodied, our black teas are full of flavour and sourced from the best tea gardens around the world. From blends such as strong English Breakfast and citrusy Earl Grey to fragrant Darjeeling, there is a brew for everymoment of the day.​

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Twinings Pure Green Tea

Green Tea

Delicate, fragrant, and pure, our green teas provide the perfect boost. From fruity and floral to decadent blends with a hint of something sweet. Add a natural boosting brew to your day with our green teas.

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Twinings Pure Camomile

Fruit & Herbal

Feeling fruity? Our fruit and herbal teas are packed full of colour and flavour. Delicious hot or cold, they're naturally sugar and caffeine-free. There's a beautiful brew just for you.

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Twinings Superblends Glow


We've taken our tea blends to the next level to create our own Superblends. A delicious range of green teas and infusions expertly blended with botanicals, natural fruits, vitamins and minerals. To help you feel at your very best.

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