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Twinings Large Leaf Pyramids

Twinings Large Leaf Pyramids

Unlocking new opportunities for tea in casual dining restaurants.

Twinings Superblends

As the casual dining market becomes ever more competitive, it’s important to create stand out menu items that help promote your restaurant’s unique identity.

When looking at ways to bring new recipes and ideas to life, your beverage menu is a great place to start. Using new and classic teas in a variety of drinks, both hot and cold, creates immediate menu appeal without adding complexity at the bar or back of house.

Twinings Large Leaf Pyramids Solution

It’s about supporting you with a personal recommendation of teas that are right for your restaurant and that match carefully to the dishes on your menu. We then bring you inspirational ideas, seasonally, to help you extend your drinks menus with recipes that fit growing occasions such as brunch.

Why Twinings?

Our reputation for quality blends and expertise in tea is acknowledged across the world, but it’s the power of the Twinings brand that’s important when it comes to generating sales.

Quite simply, Twinings is preferred by consumers in outlets like coffee shops* where the quality and range of beverages on offer are, of course, incredibly important.

Now, the with Twinings Large Leaf Pyramids it’s possible to create drinks that are personal to your business that also sell through strongly.

*Source: Allegra Tea Out of Home report 2017

Why Twinings?
Our Plastic Cold Infuse Jar

Discover Ideas From the Twinings Portfolio

Our collaboration with breakthrough mixologists and casual dining restaurants is at the heart of the Twinings Large Leaf Pyramids solution.

The videos below are a taster of their opinions, ideas and recipes.

Discover alcoholic syrups, shake recipes, iced beverages and even smoked tea used infuse flavours into dishes. A world of opportunity awaits.

Byron Knight Mixologist

Owner Off Broadway

Luke Ridge Mixologist

Award Winning Mixologist, Ladies & Gents

Ed Jones Chef

Head Chef, Five Miles Cafe

Nutty White Monk x Twinings Nutty Chocolate Assam Tea

Nutty White Monk x Twinings Nutty Chocolate Assam Tea

Twinings Cocktail Recipes

Twinings Cocktail Recipes

Twinings Recipe - Passionfruit Ceylon Breakfast Parathas

Twinings Recipe - Passionfruit Ceylon Breakfast Parathas