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Working With Care

We’re conserving our planet by keeping the environment front of mind in everything we do. We constantly challenge our thinking to improve our operations and reduce our footprint. starting by becoming carbon neutral in our operations and supply chain, and optimising our packaging, we will enable more people to access sustainable drinks.

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Our Goals

Climate change - Reducing our carbon footprint and becoming carbon neutral.

We will make all our tea and herbal infusions carbon neutral by 2030

- Transitioning to more sustainable packaging solutions

By 2025, we will ensure that, in all our markets, our consumer packaging is reusable or recyclable and our tea bags are compostable. In markets where it’s possible, we will also increase the recycled content of our packaging, find alternatives to single-use plastic packaging and work to reduce the packaging we use

Carbon Neutral

All our tea and herbal infusions will be carbon neutral by 2030 - from the bushes were our ingredients are grown to store shelves worldwide.

This means we’re reducing carbon emissions both inside our business, and in our supply chain. And we’re partnering with ClimateCare to invest in projects in our supply chain that absorb carbon to balance unavoidable carbon emissions.

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Working with Tea Communities

Working with tea communities to adapt to a changing climate and keep a stable income.

The countries where we grow and source our ingredients are experiencing new challenges as a result of climate change. We are working with growers to give them the tools and knowledge to respond to these challenges, and continue growing with care.

Part of our Sourced with Care programme - we are protecting livelihoods and improving incomes for those in the communities where we grow

Sourced with Care Targets

We’ve set some big targets for healthier, happier, empowered and sustainable communities in our supply chain.

Through our Sourced with Care programme, we are working to improve living standards in tea communities from which we source. We’re improving access to water and sanitation, empowering women through health and education initiatives, and enhancing incomes and livelihoods by equipping farmers with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the future.

Visit sourcedwithcare.com to find out more.

Our Plastic Cold Infuse Jar
Our Plastic Cold Infuse Jar

Packaging Targets

Twinings We are working with care to make the way we package our drinks more sustainable.

Our aim is for all of our packaging to be reusable, recyclable and make our tea bags compostable by 2025, while increasing the recycled content in our packaging.

Just one of the ways we are keeping the environment front of mind in the making of our drinks

Ethical and Responsible Sourcing

We pick our ingredients carefully. 100% of our tea is ethically sourced.

As a minimum we source our tea from gardens that are independently certified by recognised standards such as Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade or UTZ Certified. We then go above and beyond with our Sourced with Care programme. So you can be assured they only contain the best ingredients.

We are working hard to bring the rest of our ingredients to the same level - with 60% of our herbs currently derived from certified ethical sources 

Our Plastic Cold Infuse Jar