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Fruits of the Forage

Indulge in some wholesome family fun and spend time in nature with the art of foraging.

A tasty way to savour the seasons and enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Fruits of the Forage
Picking ripe blackberries

Low Hanging Fruit

Looking for something the whole family can enjoy? Want some new and creative ways to boost your wellbeing and spend more time outdoors? Indulge in some wholesome family fun and spend time in nature with the art of foraging. A tasty way to savour the seasons and enjoy the fruits of your labour! 

Forage Around

You might be wondering what foraging is. If you’ve ever been blackberry picking, you’ve tried your hand at foraging already! Foraging is the act of gathering wild food in a kind of hunter-gatherer and organic way. Harvesting food that’s out in nature and using it to make or bake and enjoy.

There’s something rather satisfying about stumbling across a blackberry bush that’s full of delicious berries, picking them, and then turning them into a crumble or a pie. From jams and chutneys to fresh additions to salads, pasta dishes and even a cup of tea, foraged foods can really help get the culinary juices flowing.

Forbidden Fruit

Before you pack your picnic, grab all the tupperware you can find and head out for a family forage, it’s essential to know how to forage safely and responsibly. Whilst foraging and fruit picking can seem like a lot of fun, you must know what you’re picking. 

Rules of the Wild 

  • Make sure you know what you’re picking before you touch it or eat it.
  • Don’t pick things that are endangered - here's a list of things that can’t be foraged.
  • Don’t pick more than you need.
  • Leave plenty for the wildlife (they rely on these as sources of food too!)
  • Opt for an area where there’s plentiful supply.
  • Leave no trace behind.
  • Don’t trespass.
  • Stick to public lands and paths - it’s illegal to forage in private spaces unless you have permission.
Foraging wild berries

‘Tis the Season

Much of the beauty of foraging is that it helps connect us with nature. Life is fast-paced, so it can be hard to make time to get outdoors and get your daily dose of nature. But foraging is a hobby for everyone to enjoy, plus it’s an excellent opportunity to socialise with friends and family.

It’s a great way of learning what fruits, vegetables, and herbs are in season and how to cook with them, getting the most out of every season.

Foraging wild garlic

In Season

Here are some of the best and simplest things to forage.

What to forage in spring? 

Wild garlic, dandelions, blackcurrant, nettle.

What to forage in summer? 

Blackberries, wild strawberries, elderberries, elderflower, and rose petals.

What to forage in autumn? 

Hawthorn berries, rosehip, crab apples, and sloes.

What to forage in winter? 

Chestnuts, nettles, dandelion, and burdock. 

Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe

Spring is the perfect time to forage wild garlic, and it makes the freshest and most delicious pesto. Great for adding to summer salads, as a sauce for pasta or even as a base on your pizza! Delicious! 

Read the Recipe
Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe

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