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Lets Talk About Vitamin C and Tea


The KeepCup is the world’s first barista standard reusable cup: designed to be both user friendly and environmentally sustainable.

Benefits of Vitamin C

Now, more than ever, we’re learning to truly appreciate those home comforts. Bringing your favourite hot drink along with you can make all the difference to your day. Twinings has teamed up with KeepCup to offer you a range of branded travel mugs so you can do just that.

For the past few years, KeepCup has been making a name for itself as the world’s first barista standard reusable cup. A nice antidote to ‘throwaway culture’, their aim is to inspire a move away from single-use cups, towards quality products that are built to last. With carefully selected, durable materials like stainless steel, tempered glass, and heat-resistant plastic and silicone, you can also be assured that all KeepCups are BPA and BPS free.

Being eco-conscious doesn’t have to mean compromising on style either. From sleek monochrome, to rainbow brights, we have KeepCups to suit every taste, all incorporating the classic Twinings lettering (believed to be the world’s oldest commercial logo in continuous use).

We’ve found that the shape and design of KeepCup makes it ideal for preparing tea. Unlike a lot of narrower flasks, it’s easy to brew your tea bag directly inside the cup. It’s even wide enough for many loose leaf infusers, whilst still fitting most car and bicycle cup holders.

To top it all off, KeepCup features a press fit lid and a moveable clip on the sip hole, for rockier journeys and as an extra precaution at your work desk. So whether you’re braving those bitter January mornings, or just migrating to your sofa, enjoy your winter warmer from a Twinings KeepCup!

Benefits of Vitamin C


Benefits of Vitamin C

Nothing can inspire dread quite like the Monday commute, so why not give them a little lift with this thoughtful present? A failsafe for the tea lover on the go, but don’t forget that eco warrior, nature enthusiast, or the student looking to save a few pennies on takeaway drinks.

Suitable for both hot and cold liquids, the KeepCup serves as an uplifting reminder to stay hydrated. We even have some festive colour combinations for added Christmas cheer!



If you tend to take longer journeys, love the great outdoors, or like your drinks extra hot, the Twinings Thermal KeepCup might be the one for you. Made from double wall stainless steel, this model has vacuum sealed thermal insulation to help keep your beverages nice and toasty, even when you’re not.

Outside: a smart, sturdy design that is comfortable to grip. Choose from minimalist muted tones or ramp it up with hot pink!

Inside: electropolished, food grade steel. Holding approximately 340ml, it fits neatly under the heads of most coffee machines. To have your Thermal KeepCup stay in tiptop condition, we recommend handwashing. This is the real investment piece of the Twinings KeepCup collection, and should avoid harsh dishwasher chemicals to increase its longevity.

Benefits of Vitamin C
Benefits of Vitamin C


Another one for the coffee lovers, we have the elegant soda lime glass KeepCup. Ideal for enjoying beautiful café latte art, this compact 340ml size is, again, barista-friendly. Since glass is non-porous, it’s great for very intense flavours like coffee and punchier teas too.

The glass itself has been tempered to toughen it up, meaning it can handle temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius without the lid. Of course, it’s not invincible, but this treatment makes it much more resistant to shock as well. You can pop your glass Keepcup on the top shelf of the dishwasher (though it craves a bit of TLC from a good old-fashioned gentle sponge).

Here, it’s all about savouring your cuppa. Whilst the lid and non-slip band add a pop of colour, the glass makes this a much more refined drinking experience, lending it a satisfying weight, just like you’d have at home. Come summertime, it’s also a pleasing way to enjoy your iced teas and coffees.



Help bust those winter blues with a colourful Twinings opaque plastic KeepCup! At approximately 450ml, this mug is ideal for those who like an extra swig or two. It’s also a fuss-free, resilient option for the tea lover in a hurry: dishwasher safe, freezer safe, and with a mug that can be warmed in the microwave.

Understandably, plastic has earned a bit of a bad red in recent years. However, when reused conscientiously, it can help cut down the amount of disposable plastic takeaway cups that go to waste. These Plastic KeepCups have several advantages: they’re lightweight, robust, and incredibly versatile.


Finally, if you’re a bit of tea geek like us, you probably love to compare the shades of your brewed liquor. Afterall, we eat (and drink!) with our eyes. The Twinings Clear Edition KeepCup has both the clarity of glass, and all the convenience of plastic. So despite its larger 450ml capacity, you don’t have to worry about this clear tritan material weighing you down. To maintain its sparkle, simply whip up a paste of baking soda and water, and gently handwash.

Benefits of Vitamin C