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Our beautifully crafted wooden tea boxes are hugely popular gifts.

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The great joy of receiving this delightful tea box is not to be underestimated. Not only will its dark and tactile beauty have the recipient (or anyone else in the vicinity!) reaching out to stroke it, but, with its sold wood exterior and velvety interior, but this tea box is simply an Aladdin's cave of exotic and intriguing flavours and colours; it's enough to send any tea lover wild with excitement!

It's no exaggeration when I say this box is something of an attention seeker; persistently drawing the attention of both male and female guests in my home, giving way to excited chatter about what to go for... something more punchy like the The Mighty Assam or the gentler, refreshing tones of the Thoroughly Minted perhaps? 

Even Nick - designated driver at our barbecue, whilst his wife enjoys a glass of wine and not overly keen to be on the tea - beams at me happily as he sips a fragrant Bollywood Chai Latte saying, "it just tastes and smells exotic. I feel like I'm back in Peru drinking tea with the locals or on holiday somewhere amazing...".

And it is not just the grown ups. My 10 year old daughter Sadie, delighted by this new pop of colour sat on the sideboard, regularly plucks from the plethora of exciting little pyramids, the Chai Gingerbread Latte, now her tea of choice at the breakfast table each morning. I'm happy with that as it's a healthy replacement for her usual sugar-loaded hot chocolate.

And if the taste wasn't enough, the beautiful aroma given off by each of these teas brings your home to life. In fact, we are all in agreement, there is something a little naughty about putting one's feet up mid afternoon and indulging in a hot cup of Nutty Chocolate Assam or the like, instead of your standard English Breakfast.

Truthfully, who doesn't enjoy receiving a delectable box of chocolates for a birthday or other special occasion? But how long does the dalliance last before said box lies empty? And how often is that trifling pleasure tainted by the after twinge of guilt? This gorgeous box gives your special someone all of the tastiness, none of the guilt factor and best of all - when it is eventually rendered empty, each little compartment can be refilled with all of their favourites. It literally is the gift that keeps on giving!

"On spying this treasure chest of tea the other day, my friend Claire says simply, 'I just need it in my life'. Truthfully, if they don't realise it yet, I think everybody does."


Did you know that it's traditional to get your loved one a wooden gift for your 5th wedding anniversary? Why not choose a tea box made out of wood for the perfect gift to celebrate your anniversary with a little luxury.