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Lets Talk About Vitamin C and Tea


We are totally in love with the Miss Etoile collection of effortlessly elegant, eccentrically chic and glamorous teaware.


Benefits of Vitamin C

Miss Etoile is a fictional character, created by the Danish designer Anne Lassen, who founded her home décor company in Copenhagen in November 2008. The Miss Etoile universe is light, pretty and just a little quirky; one that oozes femininity and the beauty of a Parisian boudoir.

Miss Etoile is a glamorous socialite whose name literally means “star” in French. As her name suggests, she and her world sparkle and shine with graceful charm, bohemian chic, coquettish style (those eye lashes!) and light-hearted fun. Looking at her immediately transports you to the fashionable tea parties of Paris in a bygone era. There is a unique combination of contemporary chic and nostalgic heritage about the Miss Etoile teaware collection.

It is the character of the dazzling Miss Etoile that flows through this unique 1930s art deco and French inspired ceramic collection of tea things. The delicate and carefully crafted porcelain teapots, teacups and mugs come in five varieties – Miss Etoile Eyes Teapot, Mug and Tea Cup (closed eyes) and Miss Etoile Open Eyes Teapot and mug.


On each piece, the handles cunningly provide her nose, and the eyes, cheeks and lips are painted around them. The white of the porcelain and soft pastel pink cheeks contrast with the strong black lines of her long eye lashes and the pattern on the rim. The gold décor to finish simply exudes luxury. She is French, flirtatious and totally fabulous.

There is also something irresistibly Beauty and the Beast about this tea set collection. You can’t help but think the cups and saucers and teapots will wake up at any moment, and start singing “Be Our Guest” as you pour the tea for your friends, or perhaps she’ll start flirting with your candlesticks…

Benefits of Vitamin C

Perfect for an afternoon tea party, Miss Etoile adorns a party like no other and relishes sumptuous cakes and patisseries. There is such amazing attention to detail in these pieces – and all of them are threaded through with her sparkling personality and the aura of 1930s Parisian glamour. She makes a perfect gift – or treat yourself.

Miss Etoile sparkles on your tea table and provides an immediate talking point - indeed, it’s like she’s one of the girls herself. She’s great for themed parties - like a Gatsby style party for instance. She’s just so Old Hollywood. You can’t help but want to drape a feather boa around her.


You can’t put the lady in a microwave or an oven, but she’s not too precious so don’t worry; she doesn’t mind a shower in the dishwasher.

Miss Etoile is both functional and fabulous – and looks forward to sharing in on the gossip at your next tea party.

Benefits of Vitamin C