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That Sounds Good! What Is ASMR and How Can It Relax You?

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Sounds Good. What Is ASMR and How Can It Relax You?

Autonomous sensory meridian response. Used to describe the relaxing sensation some get from watching or listening to certain types of visual or auditory stimuli.

Whilst you might not necessarily know what ASMR is, or even stands for; chances are, you’ve probably seen it on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Do those strange videos of people scrunching paper, crinkling packaging, crunchy food or even cat purring, sound familiar? Well, if watching those videos has left you with a pleasant tingling sensation on your scalp or a feeling of deep relaxation, then you’ve just experienced ASMR. 

What is ASMR?

What is ASMR?

Much like a head massage without someone physically touching your head, ASMR is a response to specific ‘triggers’. ASMR stands for an autonomous sensory meridian response, which essentially describes the tingling, soothing or even calming sensation that can be experienced when listening to or watching certain stimuli, i.e. someone scrunching a piece of paper or eating an apple.

ASMR doesn't happen for everyone and in every instance, but for some, it can cause a very pleasant and relaxing sensation that can be beneficial if you’re stressed or anxious.

ASMR triggers

Watch & Listen

ASMR triggers tend to be visual or auditory, promoting a shiver or chill-like sensation such as tingling scalp and shivers down your spine. With over 13 million videos on YouTube and channels such as Instagram and TikTok, ASMR has fast-become a huge craze.

Examples of ASMR include:

• Tapping

• Typing

• Whispering

• Chewing

• Crunching

• Smashing

• Mixing

• Gulping

How Can ASMR Help You Relax?

Due to the calming sensation that ASMR can evoke and the fact that the soothing sensations can occur without touch, ASMR can help to support your wellbeing

So, if you’re struggling to sleep, finding it hard to switch off or want to find new ways to relax and unwind, why not tune into the soothing sounds and chill-like sensations courtesy of ASMR?

The sound of the kettle boiling and the brewing of a cup of tea can also create an ASMR. If you’re looking for ways to help soothe your tired nervous system then why not consider a tea meditation?

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