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The Art of Balance - The Power of Herbs for Women's Wellness

Find balance and reclaim your power naturally with these top herbs for women's wellness. Helping to keep your hormones happy and healthy.

Always consult your doctor before using herbs during pregnancy, whilst breastfeeding, if you have an underlying medical condition or are taking any medication.

The Art of Balance - The Power of Herbs for Women's Wellness

We all know the importance of balance, from that elusive work-life paradox to balancing mood, diet, mental health and, for women, hormones. A woman's hormones (our body's chemical messengers) have a pretty big part to play. They can affect mental, emotional and physical wellbeing as well as have an impact on weight, mood, and even appetite.

In addition, throughout a woman's lifetime, she'll go through many cyclical transitions that require a little more balance and fine-tuning, starting at puberty, potentially followed by pregnancy and continuing post-menopause. As a result, our hormones have a lot to answer for, so understanding how we can support them is of great importance to a woman's overall wellbeing. 

Feeling off-balance


Our bodies' are more than a little clever. They know just what to do to keep themselves level, from how much oxygen we need to how little sleep we require to survive!.

But sometimes they can feel off-balance, from heavy, painful or irregular periods to fertility issues, trouble breastfeeding, right the way through to hot flushes and changes in mood during menopause; women’s bodies have to cope with a lot.

So to maintain that ever-changing balance, it's essential to understand diet and lifestyle’s effect on a woman's body.

Get To The Root Of It

It's no secret that the stressful and busy lives we lead can significantly impact our health. And stress plays a big part in the wellbeing of women.

One of the ways we can better support women's health is by limiting the amount of stress put upon the body. One of the main stress hormones is cortisol, and high cortisol levels lower oestrogen levels, which can lead to weight gain, poor sleep, and mood swings.

Fortunately, there are many natural ways to support women's health and wellness. From getting plenty of sleep and eating a nourishing and balanced diet.  Try foods that are naturally rich in Vitamin B6 such as Beef liver, Tuna, Salmon, Chickpeas, Papayas, Oranges, and Cantaloupe Melons.

Another natural way to support women's wellness is via the power of herbs.

Women's wellness

More Power to You

Herbs are a group of plants whose leaves, flowers, roots, and seeds can be used for various purposes, including health and wellness. Many of these herbs have qualities that can support a woman throughout different stages of her life.

Superblends Sleep Tea Meditation

Stress & Sleep

Lemon Balm and Lemon Verbena

Lemon verbena has a refreshing, citrusy scent that can help to soothe stress. High in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, this fragrant herb has been studied for its effects on insomnia. 

Lemon balm can be drunk in tea form and can be used as a carrier oil for other essential oils, making it the perfect cooling and calming antidote for stressful and anxious moments.

Libido & Fertility


The Maca plant comes from Peru and is a cruciferous vegetable similar to a turnip. It is an adaptogen that helps your body adapt to the things life throws at it and is hailed for its libido and fertility-boosting properties, as well as its ability to support menopausal symptoms.

It has a distinct nutty flavour and can be added as a powder to smoothies and juices. 

Digestive Discomfort & Bloating


Not only does spearmint smell delightful and taste fresh it also holds some incredibly soothing properties.

Great for gut health and easing gas, bloating, and even painful cramps, which can be all-too-common at certain times of the month, it also holds some hormone balancing qualities too. 

Why not try a soothing cup of spearmint tea?

Digestive Discomfort & Bloating

Balance & Hormone Production


Vitex comes from a shrub that produces berries and has been used throughout the ages for supporting hormone production and balance, specifically through the transitions of a woman's lifecycle.

Also called chasteberry, this powerful herb backs a punch by enhancing the pituitary gland’s function, a kind of brain food! From easing premenstrual symptoms and breast tenderness, thanks to its ability to lower prolactin levels, to lowering oestrogen and increasing progesterone levels, the calming and sleep-promoting hormone, vitex, is a woman's best friend! 

Stress & Perimenopause

Balance & Regulating Hormones


This aromatic herb is also part of the mint family and is thought to have many anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Stress & Perimenopause


Another adaptogen, ashwagandha, is thought to help reduce stress levels and lower cortisol levels, helping to keep our hormones balanced.

So, if you’re looking to reclaim your power the natural way, you only need to look to mother nature with these hormone-balancing herbs, whatever season you’re currently in!

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