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Lets Talk About Vitamin C and Tea


We are thrilled to bring you a delightfully eccentric and taste-bud tingling new brand of luxury chocolate truffles called Monty Bojangles.

Benefits of Vitamin C

More than just a new confection, this is a whole new world of curiosities, exotic landscapes and chemistry defying taste combinations.

Based around the adventures of a sartorially elegant cat with a top hat, Monty Bojangles and his hot air balloon, these truffles are not only “curiously moreish confections” but exquisitely packaged with stunning vintage-looking designs. Glorious illustrations that transport you through the looking glass, and down the rabbit hole into a strange and exotic land of beautiful flowers and creatures from oversized butterflies to undersized storks and magnificent peacocks sitting on a cloud puffing out of a gramophone.

The boxes are simply stunning, with a slightly surreal Alice in Wonderland feel to them; a riotous cacophony of colours and an exuberance of exotic creatures and plants. Not to mention the dashing Monty Bojangles himself. 

Each flavour has a marvellously eccentric name to it – one that seems familiar but on closer inspection defies the norms… such as Flutterscotch and Scrumple Nutty.

These beautifully illustrated boxes of exquisite chocolate truffles make fabulous gifts for all occasions, and also look absolutely delightful on the tea or dinner table.

The chocolates have all been expertly crafted from the early stages of taste pairing and experimentation (we’re told this happens behind closed doors – lots of whizz-popping and banging as they tinker with the flavours and try them out with chocolates) to the finest chocolatiers and chefs who bring it all together. We can’t help feeling that the whole thing could be something out of Willy Wonker’s chocolate factory. And yes, they do sound like the most enthusiastic of mad-scientist types.

Benefits of Vitamin C



Monty Bojangles in his hot pink flying contraption flew higher and higher and left the stratosphere and finally scraped the moon, picking up as he did, deliciously buttery pieces of it which turned out to be crumbly cookies. Perfect for combining with his luxury chocolate truffles.


Filled with pieces of creamy butterscotch and a hint of sea salt, this sweet and savoury taste combination will truly make your heart flutter with every scrumptious mouthful!


Apparently discovered by Monty Bojangles as he floated dreamily along the ruby fruit river one Sunday… these luxury French truffles are filled with red berry and delicious crumbly biscuit (discovered on the river bed of course) and dusted off with bitter-sweet cocoa. So berry chocolatey.


Tropically tantalising creamy cocoa dusted truffles infused with Caramelised Coconut Pieces.. You really have to try them!


These yummy, cocoa dusted, luxury French truffled chocs are perfectly paired with delicious teas as an afternoon pick-me-up and, of course, as an after dinner treat.

Their unique packaging makes them a really special present, too. So go on and delve into this deliciously eccentric, luxuriously flavoured and stunningly designed universe. You won’t be disappointed. Just try not to get lost.