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Twinings Dark CollectionTwinings Dark Collection

Twinings Dark Collection

The Dark Collection is a set of teas with a stronger flavour. The black tea base of these teas has gone through a long oxidisation process to give them a dark, rich taste. They’re balanced in flavour, smooth in texture with a real depth of character.

Every flavour in the collection has been selected to delight the taste-buds and show the versatility of tea, giving something for everyone. From the sweet toffee flavours of the Dark Caramel or the smoky seduction of Dark Grey, the Dark Collection has the perfect one for you.

Great with or without milk, but try with your favourite milk alternative to give the Dark Collection an extraordinary burst of flavour.

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Twinings Dark Collection
Twinings Dark Brew No.7

Dark Brew No.7

Tasting notes: Our strongest blend - malty & warm toast.

Beautifully golden and wonderfully rich. 

We explored the tea gardens of the world to find a way to intensify our most famous breakfast brews. The tea extract we discovered gives a boost of bitterness that we know and love in our tea, with a whole heap more flavour as well. 

Behind the number: We know that perfection takes time. This, our strongest brew, is the ideal cup of tea for any day, 7 days a week. So it's no surprise why we chose No.7. 

Alternative milk pairing: Oat milk.

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Twinings Dark Grey No.4

Dark Grey No.4

Tasting notes: Citrus, malty & a hint of smoke.

Dark Grey is the next level of flavoured tea. Everything you love from our Classic Earl Grey blend but darker, richer, sexier with a splash more lemon zing.

Behind the number: We named our signature blend after Earl Charles Grey. To keep his spirit alive on this more intense blend, we've given it the No.4, the number of years he was Prime Minister of the UK.

Alternative milk pairing: Almond milk.

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Twinings Dark Caramel No.22

Dark Caramel No.22

Tasting notes: Sweet, toffee & golden syrup.

This is exactly how it sounds, a black tea with the smell and taste of caramel, perfect for those looking to cut down on their usual "milk and 2" cup of tea.

There are hints of toffee, the taste of molasses and notes of brown sugar, making this Dark Caramel the perfect guilt free indulgent treat for the middle of the day.

Behind the number: As of 2019, 22% of people in the UK added sugar to their regular cup of tea. This caramel flavoured tea is for that 22%; a tea that is already slightly sweet - just boil, brew and enjoy!

Alternative milk pairing: Hazelnut milk.

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Twinings Dark Mint No.9

Dark Mint No.9

Tasting notes: Peppermint, menthol & minty fresh.

Everything you expect from the ultimate mint experience - the most glorious peppermint flavours that you will ever find in a cup.

The main difference here is the black tea base, giving this blend a deeper intensity that's perfect for those after dinner moments.

Behind the number: Many people drink peppermint tea after dinner to refresh the taste buds and keep the conversation flowing into the night. That's why this is No.9, because it's best enjoyed after eight.

Alternative milk pairing: Coconut milk.

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Twinings Dark Chai No.29

Dark Chai No.29

Tasting notes: Cinnamon, clove & ginger.

Chai is a way of life in India – connecting over a billion people in a colourful culture. Unique recipes are passed from generation to generation in families to the ubiquitous Chaiwalas across India.

Tastes of cinnamon, clove and ginger with the undertone of your familiar tea, perfect for those times when you're looking for a little spice in your life.

Behind the number: Numbered after the 29 states that make up the country that gave creation to this amazing style of tea, India.

Alternative milk pairing: Coconut milk.

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All Twinings teas are sourced within the guidelines or our Sourced with Care programme. Dark Collection uses our finest Assam and Kenyan teas to create a strong base to highlight the natural flavours that have been added to the blend.

Sourced With Care
Sourced With Care
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