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Salted Caramel Ovaltine

Salted Caramel Ovaltine

Savour the sweet and salty taste of caramel with the malty goodness of Ovaltine in this rich hot drink. It works perfectly as a soothing pick-me-up or bedtime treat.

  • Serves 1 Person
  • Makes In 5 mins
  • Difficulty Easy


200ml · Milk

4 tsp · Ovaltine Original - Add Milk

1 pump (10ml) · 1883 Premium Salted Caramel Syrup


1. Heat the milk and stir in 4 teaspoons of Ovaltine - Add Milk.

2. Add 1 pump (10ml) of salted caramel syrup.

3. Stir well and serve in a latte glass or mug.