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Cool Cubes - Superblends Menopause Cool Moments Tea

Ice Cubes, Iced Tea, Lemon balm, Peach, Picnic, Sage, Summer, Superblends, Superblends Menopause Cool Moments
Cool down and find a moment of calm with these refreshing peach-flavoured ice cubes. Infused with Menopause Cool Moments, with sage, honeybush and lemon balm.

Earl Grey & Lady Grey Ice Cubes 

Black Tea, Drinks, Earl Grey, Ice Cream & Lollies, Ice Cubes, Iced Tea, Lady Grey, Lemon, Orange, Summer, Vegan, Vegetarian
Looking to give your iced tea and delicious mocktails a fragrant twist? We’re adding a new shade of grey to iced drinks courtesy of our Earl Grey ice cubes.

Tropical Ginger Green Tea Cocktail

Agave Syrup, Drinks, Fruity, Ginger, Green Tea, Honey, Ice Cubes, Iced Tea, Lime, Summer
Summer time and the weather is high. How about a chilled Green Tea and Ginger Cocktail to transport you to a tropical island?