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Earl Grey & Lady Grey Ice Cubes

Earl Grey & Lady Grey Ice Cubes 

Looking to give your iced tea and delicious mocktails a fragrant twist? We’re adding a new shade of grey to iced drinks courtesy of our Earl Grey and Lady Grey ice cubes.

A simple yet tasty way to enjoy your tea. Did you know that ice cubes can actually water down your drink, so by using tea, you can have maximum enjoyment with added flavour?

Make your ice cubes with Earl Grey tea instead of water, because water doesn’t have to be a dull as H2O

Makes In10 mins


1 CupFreshly brewed Earl Grey or Lady Grey tea.


  • Simply fill the kettle with water, boil and brew a cup of our Earl Grey or Lady Grey tea.
  • Leave the tea to cool.
  • Slowly and carefully, pour the cooled water into the tray. For a little something extra, you can add black peppercorn and a twist of lemon.
  • Pop it in the freezer.
  • Once frozen, serve with your choice of iced tea, refreshing cold drink, or delicious non-alcoholic mocktail (like a non-alcoholic G&T - That cracked black pepper really enhances the flavour!

In fact, these ice cubes pack so much flavour, they work perfectly with just a glass of still or sparkling water.

Serving Suggestions

  • Non-alcoholic G&T - add a few peppercorns to your cubes.
  • Earl Grey Iced Tea - add a twist of lemon to your Earl Grey ice cubs.
  • Earl Grey Lemonade - add a slice of orange.
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