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Nighttime Toddy - Infused with Superblends Sleep

Christmas, Dairy-Free, Drinks, Superblends
A soothing bedtime drink infused with our Superblends Sleep tea, featuring spiced apple, vanilla, camomile and passionflower. For a good night’s sleep.

Camomile Ice Cream - Infused with Superblends Moment of Calm

Camomile, Dessert, Ice Cream, Superblends
A light and creamy ice cream using our soothing Moment of Calm Superblends. Quick and easy to make with a touch of sweetness and a hint of floral fragrance.

After Dinner Jellies - Infused with Superblends Digest

Apple, Dessert, Superblends, Vegan
Refreshing, light and the ideal after-dinner treat. These delicious jellies are made using our Superblends Digest tea, the perfect way to round off a meal.