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We know how full on life can get, but you can find everything here to help you maintain balance. Our Soulful Blends range was developed with Ayurvedic tradition in mind, to bring a sense of balance and ease to your day. So take a moment with Twinings, to inhale the harmonious aroma of your chosen blend and allow the flavours to transport you to a blissful place where you feel calm and at ease.

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Meet Our Soulful Blends

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Introduction to Ayurveda and Doshas

Our new Soulful Blends range has been inspired by the traditional Indian practice of Ayurveda, and created with your Dosha in mind. Here, Twinings Expert Herbalist, Pamela Spence explains what these terms mean, and how they relate to you.

Vata - Ether + Air

Vata - Most likely to experience anxiety and fear

When vata is out of balance, reach for soothing and warming flavours and herbs. Minimise caffeine. Rooibos and Camomile are fantastic caffeine free herbs that offer a great alternative to black teas which contain caffeine. Combine these with warming flavours such as cinnamon for the perfect warming treat.

Pitta - Fire + Water

Pitta - Most likely to suffer from stress and burnout

When Pitta is out of balance, choose sweet and astringent flavours to cool the heat that excess Pitta generates. Examples include sweet peaches or apples, hibiscus and juicy dark fruits.

Kapha - Earth + Water

Kapha - Most likely to feel low in mood or sluggish

When Kapha is in excess choose bright, uplifting flavours. Both sweet and sour flavours manage excess kapha, lemongrass, citrus fruits and sweet fruit not only tantilise the taste buds and uplift the mood.

300 years of expertise…. Master blenders and history of quality

Sourced with Care

A Cup Filled with Care

By putting care into the making of all our drinks, we put wellbeing at the heart of every cup of Twinings.

We believe our drinks can be a force for positive change around the world – from the communities where we source our ingredients to the homes where our drinks are enjoyed. We are working to improve the wellbeing and livelihoods of our farmers and sourcing communities, while protecting the planet we rely on by sourcing quality ingredients to the highest ethical and sustainable standards, and improving our environmental impacts.

Working to improve the wellbeing of people and the planet through the making of our drinks.

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