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Great Taste Awards 2023

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Great Taste Awards 2023

The renowned Great Taste Awards has revealed its 2023 winners and we are proud to announce a staggering 15 awards.

Purveyors Of Great Taste

The largest and most trusted food and drink accreditation scheme has just announced its 2023 winners in the Great Taste Awards. Often referred to as the ‘Oscars of the food and drink world’, it provides a unique benchmarking service highlighting stand-out products, encouraging confidence and greater awareness locally, regionally and even internationally.

With a panel of over 500 experts, from chefs to buyers, retailers to food critics, and restauranteurs, every product is put through a stringent judging process to determine which are worthy of a Great Taste Award. 

We are thrilled to announce that not one, not two, but a staggering 15 of our products have been given this coveted award. The judges deem our blends ‘simply delicious, delivering fantastic flavour’

These awards span the breadth of our range, from black tea to our herbal infusions and Superblends. So, without further ado, here are some of our...

2023 Great Taste Award Winners:

Superblends Sleep

There is a really inviting, spicy, fruity aroma here, and the initial hit on the palate continues that profile. As it develops, you get more of the passionflower, and the result is a drink that is soothing from the spiced apple and vanilla but has a welcome and bright astringency.

A delicate combination of flavours, you can taste the vanilla and apple, and the character has an overall fruity sweetness.

Shop Superblends Sleep

Superblends Metabolism

This is fresh, bright and invigorating but also comforting. It has that cool finish that you want from peppermint but also the slight astringency of nettle and green tea and a bit of warmth from the spicing. It is rounded, complex and well-balanced and a very good drink (also probably good cold).

Shop Superblends Metabolism

Superblends Turmeric

The orange and turmeric complement each other in the bright colour and in the spicy but also citrussy aroma. For those taking turmeric for health reasons, this would be a very pleasant way to get your daily hit. 

This is a citrussy and spicy blend, which offers plenty of upfront orange flavour alongside some peppery, earthy flavours from the turmeric. The blend is warming and fruity with an enjoyable level of spice. 

There is a nice combination of citrus orange and slightly bitter turmeric, which work in harmony together.

Shop Superblends Turmeric


Rounded mouth-feel, full-bodied and well-balanced. The appearance is good, nice and bright and works well with milk. Some fresh character and good flavour. A classic black tea blend.

Shop Twinings Everyday

English Breakfast

A coloury and thick liquoring tea with good flavour, body and briskness, a good blend of teas.

Shop English Breakfast

Strong English Breakfast

The tea has a bright liquor and coloury infusion, it has a good balance of briskness and flavour, reflecting the origins used in the blend.

Thick, full-bodied and strong. A great English Breakfast blend, lovely and fresh, brisk and lively. Has a hard 'graphite' character, which is usually associated with a well-made, fresh and carefully handled tea. A great example of a classic!

Shop Strong English Breakfast

Earl Grey Decaf

Very bright, attractive appearance. Fresh, uplifting with a refreshing citrus character. A really fresh, good-quality Earl Grey blend- the decaffeinated taint one usually finds on tea blends wasn't apparent, and the quality is great!

Shop Earl Grey Decaf

Everyday Decaf

This tea has a coloury infusion, it is thick liquoring with plenty of body, a good strong cup of tea and holds up well considering it has been through a decaffeinating process.

Great colour, very red and bright. Takes milk particularly well.

Shop Everyday Decaf

Organic Pure Camomile - 20 Single Tea Bags

Pure Camomile

This is a gentle but well-balanced infusion that offers a bright and clean taste. An enjoyable herbal tea which delivers an interesting experience.

With sweet meadow notes and a gentle straw character, this pleasant-tasting infusion reflects the quality of the camomile.

Shop Pure Camomile

Pure Peppermint

As is sometimes the case with herbal teas, simple can be best, and so it is with this tea. Plain peppermint, with no other ingredients- the tea is well prepared, not milled too finely, and looks bright and green when it is infused. The flavour is fresh and clearly defined- peppermint from start to the cool finish.

A fresh tasting, crisp, clean and minty infusion. Menthol notes list off the aroma, a nice quality infusion.

Shop Pure Peppermint

Camomile & Honey

Honey and vanilla are a great complement to camomile- they provide some real taste and light sweetness to complement the soft, soothing floral notes of the camomile. This is a gentle night-time tea which should send you off to sweet dreams.

This is a beautifully sweet and aromatic infusion with pleasing sugary, floral notes on the nose. On te palate, it's smooth and well-balanced, offering enjoyable sweetness and a background softness from the camomile. This is a well-judged and very enjoyable infusion.

There are gentle notes of honey and vanilla working through the flavour, it is balanced and has a lasting taste.

Shop Camomile & Honey

Lemon & Ginger

The ginger and lemon are well-balanced, although the lemon flavour comes through more strongly on the nose. The ginger retains its heat well, right through to a gentle finish. It may be one of the most popular herbal tea blends, but this one is also a successful one.

A fresh-tasting combination, there are lively citrus notes from the lemongrass and a warm ginger character with some gentle heat at the finish, a well-blended infusion.

Shop lemon and ginger

Find out more at Great Taste Awards 2023

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