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Lets Talk About Vitamin C and Tea


Delight your senses and awaken your taste buds with these superior loose leaf teas and infusions - created with only the best ingredients, carefully selected and blended by our Twinings Master Blenders.

Benefits of Vitamin C

There are fourteen blends in the Discovery Collection and each has their own story to tell.

Our Master Blenders have created imaginative and inspired flavour combinations with seven black teas, four fruit & herbal infusions and three blends of delicious, earthy green teas.

This unique collection is just waiting to be explored. Perfect as a private treat, even better to share.

We are excited to invite you on your very own journey of Discovery!

Benefits of Vitamin C

With some entirely new blends that combine traditional flavour with an exotic flare such as Mango and Ginger Green Tea or Golden Caramel flavoured Rooibos, others are creative, even luxurious, twists on old favourites such as Golden Tipped English Breakfast, Lady Grey, Orange Grove Black Tea or Two Seasons Darjeeling. These teas and ingredients have been carefully sourced across the globe, from China to India, and from Japan to the orange groves of Southern Italy.

There is a tea for every time of day in this collection, from dawn until dusk. For a heady, sensuous and relaxing experience that evokes an English summer’s day, the Rose Garden Black is a real luxury, to be sipped and savoured as you imagine yourself in a secret garden.

Two different styles of mint tea enliven the senses and soothe the digestion, and the bergamot scents of Earl Grey whisper life back into your afternoon.

Berry Blush infusion is bursting with jammy flavours or try the soothing Budding Meadow Chamomile for tip top quality, caffeine-free teas.

All of these superior teas come beautifully presented in Twinings designer boxes and caddies; every single tea is available as a loose tea caddy or gift box filled with pyramid tea bags.

These make wonderful gifts and presents for tea lovers – either individually or in gift bags… and for under £10!

Luxury doesn’t have to be expensive.

Benefits of Vitamin C


Benefits of Vitamin C

Such special teas deserve beautiful presentation. The colours and designs on the caddies and boxes evoke the unique qualities of each and every tea. Far too pretty to be kept hidden in a cupboard, they are aesthetically delightful!

They have also been designed for practicality: for ease of use and to keep the tea fresh. The pretty gift boxes contain a golden foil bag to keep the pyramid tea bags extra fresh. These ingenious pyramids are designed so that you feel like you are drinking a loose leaf tea – which is always smoother and richer in flavour. The shape of the pyramid allows the tea to expand and brew evenly – so you can make a perfect cup of tea, but have the ease and convenience of a tea bag.



Benefits of Vitamin C

For loose tea lovers, the teas come with their own designer caddy. These metal caddies are both pretty as a picture, and pleasingly practical!

For a truly luxurious present for a tea lover, you can combine a gift of two pyramid gift boxes with our brand new Twinings Tea Box. Made from fine dark wood and finished with solid gold hinges and openings, this both keeps the tea fresh and makes a seriously smart addition to the tea table.