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Twinings & Apex Hotels

About Twinings

Find Yourself A Great Night’s Sleep with Twinings  & Apex Hotels

A Warm Welcome 

Slip into silent slumber with Twinings Sleep . A caffeine-free blend of passionflower, camomile and warming spiced apple will help you wind-down before bedtime. 

Enjoy 15% off all Twinings Superblends this October and November 2023, simply fill in the form below and we'll email you an exclusive code to redeem on your next purchase.

And, to take that wellbeing to the next level, every Apex hotel room will now feature our Twinings Sleep tea to ensure guests can ease into a good night’s sleep. Whether their stay is for meetings, exploring, or just time to relax, our Sleep Superblends is a warming combination of spiced apple, vanilla, camomile and passionflower. 

So, whatever your reason for staying at one of the heavenly Apex Hotels, be sure to indulge in a cup of Twinings Sleep tea before sinking into one of their sumptuous beds. 

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