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Fruit Ice Cubes

Fruit Ice Cubes

What better way to refresh and rehydrate than with an ice cold drink.

Add a little something extra to your drinks with these cool fruit ice cubes, made with our zesty fruit teas. And, because boiling water freezes quicker than cold, you can go from hot tea to fruit tea ice cubes in record time! 

Makes In10 mins
Dietary[[v]] [[df]]


1 CupFreshly brewed Fruit Infusion
Chopped fruit 


  • Simply, pop the kettle on and make a cup of your favourite fruit-infused tea
  • Whilst the tea is infusing and cooling, chop some fruit (something to complement your choice of tea)
  • Add the small pieces of fruit to your ice cube tray
  • Slowly and carefully, pour the cooled water into the tray
  • Pop it in the freezer
  • Once frozen, serve with your choice of iced tea, fruit juice, or refreshing cold drink

A decorative, tasty, and refreshing way to stay cool. 

Serving Suggestions

Fruit Ice Cube Trays
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