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Matcha Bliss Balls

Chocolate, Green Tea, Matcha, Options, Snacks, Vegan, Vegetarian
Looking for a quick and easy energy boost packed with goodness? These matcha bliss balls are packed full of protein and antioxidants and need no baking!

Matcha Smoothie - Infused with Superblends Matcha

Avocado, Chocolate, Dairy-Free, Drinks, Green Tea, Matcha, Smoothies, Superblends
A matcha-infused smoothie with chocolate and creamy avocado. Packed full of goodness and created using our Superblends Matcha tea with added manganese.

Nighttime Latte - Infused with Superblends Sleep

Chocolate, Dairy-Free, Drinks, Oats, Superblends, Vegan
A creamy and cosy bedtime latte infused with our Superblends Sleep tea, featuring valerian and orange blossom. For a relaxing and restful night.