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Earl Grey Infused Sugar-free Tea Loaf

Afternoon Tea, Black Tea, Cakes, Earl Grey, Fruity, Loaf, Malty, Raisin, Snacks, Spiced

In honour of good and proper tea, why not try this Earl Grey tea-infused bake. 

Annie Riggs Malty Christmas Loaf

Afternoon Tea, Black Tea, Cakes, Christmas, Fruity, Loaf, Malty, Raisin
Twinings loves guest baker Annie Rigg. Make a Twinings tea-infused fruity malt loaf. Enjoy slightly warm spread with butter.

Christmas Tea & Fruit Cake

Black Tea, Cakes, Christmas, English Breakfast, Fruity, Loaf, Spiced, Vegetarian
Enjoy with a cup of Twinings Christmas Tea.