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Garden Rose Trifle

Afternoon Tea, Black Tea, Dessert, Floral, Garden Party, Rose, Valentine's Day
Retro rose trifle with sumptuous layers of rose jelly and amaretti crumble.

Berry Blush Pie

Afternoon Tea, Berry, Dessert, Fruity, Pastry, Tart, Valentine's Day
Bake to impress. Wow the one(s) you love with this super-easy-to-make (!) Valentine's recipe. Delicious afternoon treat or perfect pudding.

The Best Valentine's Day Pudding Ever

Cakes, Chocolate, Dessert, Strawberry, Swiss Chocolate, Valentine's Day
Take one times fool-proof recipe (all you need is a bowl, a microwave and ... love) for the most heavenly chocolate sponge and choose one of four ideas of how to turn this into the best Valentine's Day pudding ever!