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The Full English Latte

The Full English Latte

This is a game changer for your morning cup. Awarded a great taste award The Full English is still strong but more luxurious on the palate, you won't go back!

The Full English has a great taste star 2021. The Full English is a black tea and therefore contains caffeine. You can also use this method for The Earl, Honey Rooibos and Refresh

Makes In10 mins


1Twinings The Full English pyramid bag
280mlHot water
120mlMilk of your choice


  • Take The Full English pyramid bag and put into cup.
  • Add 280ml Freshly drawn hot water, leave.
  • Take oat milk 120ml and froth in the Cappuccino style for plenty of foam.
  • Squeeze bag gently twice with tongs or a spoon, remove bag.
  • Top with frothed milk.


Dust with chocolate, vanilla or cinnamon if you so wish, dried fruit, fresh or dried edible flowers or herbs.

The Full English Latte
Refresh with Frothed Milk

Refresh with Frothed Milk

Deliciously minty with the frothed milk could be ice cream! Refresh Double Mint is an infusion and therefore does not contain caffeine.
Honey Rooibos Amaretti Flip

Honey Rooibos Amaretti Flip

Indulge in the heavenly combination of honey rooibos, oat milk and delicious Amaretti (tastes just like Amaretto!)
Honey Rooibos with Frothed Milk

Honey Rooibos with Frothed Milk

Indulgence without the calories. This is heaven in a cup. Honey & Rooibos is an infusion and therefore contains no caffeine.